D-D-D-D-Dora The Explorer Live! A Review

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Where do you find a rowdy crowd, loud music, and a whole lot of kids having fun? No, it’s not a concert during frosh week, but rather a Dora the Explorer Live at Centrepointe Theater!

On Sunday, November 2nd, my 2 ¾ year old son, my 6 year old niece, and my sister and I were lucky to have tickets to this presentation.  It brought back memories to 4 years ago when I saw Dora with that same niece and her older sister.  You have to hand it to Dora, the girl has staying power.

Dora the Explorer’s Search for the City of Lost Toys, a theatrical presentation, was performed by some actors in costumes with really big heads.  The show was pre-recorded and piped in, as there was no way they would have been able to speak, let alone sing in those really big-headed costumes. I’m really amazed they could even see through the heads of

the costumes to perform their dance steps, which they executed perfectly. The costumes were very large and colorful and the dancers and actors surprisingly agile in them. The kids were elated at seeing their favorite characters come to life. Dora was present of course, as well as Boots, the Map, Backpack, Swiper, Diego, Tico, and Benny. The presentation moved along at a good pace. Two 30 minute halves, separated by a 20 minute intermission. The first 30 minutes went by very quickly as the novelty of the costumes, songs and story lines were fresh.



We all found the 20 minute intermission to be rather long and unnecessary, as there really wasn’t costume or set changes. However, the droves of people heading to the merchandise table in the foyer may have disagreed with me. They must have been the people whose children were old enough to no longer require a nap and were consequently on their best behavior. The majority of the audience was a little sensitive, after all this 1 pm showtime did conflict with most of the 2.5 year olds in the audience’s nap time, and it was the Sunday of daylight savings time so it felt like 2 pm, mid nap time. Double whammy. There was a constant murmuring hum from the audience. Little people talking, whining, crying, or being pacified with treats. The writing was well done as it gave us a teaser that Diego was appearing in the second half, and gave us something to anticipate beyond the intermission.




My almost 3 year old was mesmerized by the music and characters, and a little drunk on fatigue. My favorite part of the show was the fact that he sat on my lap and cuddle for the entire presentation. Having him sit still for that long normally is implausible but the combination of fatigue and mesmerized was a cuddly cocktail.

I loved the morning leading up to this presentation where I was able to use the show as a bargaining chip to get him to tidy his toys, get dressed, and brush his teeth. The show enabled me to savor his innocence. As a 2 ¾ year old boy, he is still untouched by gender roles and able to unabashedly love whatever character he chooses, regardless of gender. I loved the frivolous joy that Dora brought to the little people in the crowd with her catchy beats, and repeatable songs. I loved the joy of parenthood and grandparenthood that could be felt in the theater.






I would recommend this event to a friend for a number of reasons. Centrepointe is easy to get too, has good parking, and comfortable seats. The show was entertaining and engaging, and ran for a manageable 1.5 hours total. My two favorite quotes of the day came from the company I kept. When a toddler behind us was crying uncontrollably, my sister quipped “Swiper, stole her nap”. Ha! The second from my son, who didn’t want to leave his seat at the end of the show because he “wanted another episode.” I guess that, in itself, is a good review. As Dora would say “Magnifico!”

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  1. Dora-lover's Mom says:

    Yes! My 1 3/4 year old had the night of her life. I completely agree with everything in your review! It was actually emotional for me, knowing how much my daughter LOVES Dora and having her sit on my lap in awe. By the second set, she was calling out all their names. We have a video of her bawling though when it was all over, but she collected herself and was eventually super happy. What a great concert, and I love the values that Dora and Diego teach. We were lucky to get a 4pm show, so she had her nap.

    Can’t wait ’til the next show 🙂

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    I’m glad you all enjoyed it!! Sounds like a great show.

  3. 2Cuteblog says:

    We went to that same show, our twins are the same age as Sarah’s son and they were mesmerized too! Our son who was starting to get tired hearing about Dora from his sister renewed his love for Dora at this show. I totally agree, it was like a rock concert for toddlers!

  4. Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo says:

    My kids would have loved this! Next time for sure.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. Robin says:

    Sounds like a great show! My girls would have loved it!!!

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I loved this report, especially the two quotes at the end of it. 🙂 I’m sure my grandchildren would thoroughly enjoy this show.

  7. kathy downey says:

    Oh my sounds like it was a wonderful show,so happy the kids had a blast

  8. Fan R. says:

    We have never seen Dora the Explorer Live, now we would love to attend one of the show when they come to our city!

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