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The Shrine Circus is celebrating its 250th anniversary of entertaining audiences this season, and when the Ottawa Mommy Club offered the opportunity to write a post for this event, I jumped at the chance!  I called up one of my gal pals, Lauri, and made it a Girl’s Night with our daughters who are really good friends, and who also happen to be clowns themselves sometimes!

This event was a real treat for me, since I have never been to a “Big Top” circus performance before.  I had only attended circus performances in arenas.  As we left the parking lot area, we all literally said, “Ah” as we approached the Big Top itself.  For me, this was a big Big Top!

We then had the pleasure of meeting Cathy Sproule, our Media Contact for the Shrine Circus.  She was really nice, and was really excited about the first night of performances.  We were then given our VIP Passes for the night, and were allowed to look around at all of the concession stands at the event.

Pan - Souvenirs

Once all of the other media invitees were present, Cathy introduced us to Richard Curtis, the Ringmaster of the Shrine Circus, and our tour guide for the  behind-the scene tour of the Circus.  He started the tour by talking about himself and his story, and some of his duties as Ringmaster, Richard also gave us a bit of history of the Shrine Circus, as well as telling us about  legacy the Zerbini family has had throughout the Circus’ many performances.



We then moved onto the tour of the Circus itself.  Just beyond the curtains of  the performance ring, Richard talked about what happened Backstage.  I  took a picture of the space wheel some of the performers were going to use to amaze us later on that evening.


We then visited the Arabian horses, one of the acts of this evening’s performance, in the stables they use while on tour.  These horses were gorgeous!

Pan - Horses  SAMSUNG

The tour then made a stop at the elephants pen.  The handlers allowed for those on the tour to feed the elephants some treats.  Me and the other kids the tour had the chance to be up close to these gentle animals.  I had never had the chance to be so up-close to such a large animal like this before.  It was really amazing!


Our next stop: the Bengal Tigers.  These beautiful creatures were in their cages while Richard spoke to us about what it was like to work with them.


Richard then led us back to the Backstage area where he shared with us why he enjoyed his life within the circus so much, as well as how proud he is of his children following their family’s footsteps by being performers as well.  Richard ended the tour by hoping we had a great time during the performance.


The families on the tour were then free to eat, have our faces painted, and get ourselves ready for the Big Top to explode with performances.  During her free moments, we spoke to one of the performers who was pulling double-duty as VIP Ticket collector.  She was open, and told us a bit about what she did, her family’s story within the Shrine Circus, as well as what life was like away from the circus.  Some people also bought their children souvenirs to remember this evening’s experience by.

SAMSUNG                  SAMSUNG


Finally, the lights went down low, and the show began!  Below are pictures of just some of the performances the Shrine Circus had to offer its patrons.  My gal pal, Lauri, has been to many of the previous shows the Shrine Circus put on in previous years, but she said that this year’s event was the best one she had ever been to!  The four of us had a real capital night!  Personally, I think us moms had a better night than our daughters did.  Us moms were whooping and hollering, having a great time watching the show while either trying to figure out whether we would do some of the incredible feats these performers were displaying, chair dancing to the rhythm of the music blaring or laughing ourselves silly at the comedy bits of the show.  Below are pictures of just some of the performances we saw!



Overall, we had a marvelous Girls’ Night out at the Shrine Circus!  How do you beat a VIP tour, food, fun and laughter with your kids?  If you want an idea for an evening out this weekend that won’t disappoint, the Shrine Circus is the way to go!  Here is a coupon code you can use to receive a 2 for 1 discount on your tickets for the Shrine Circus: Coupon Code – FUN! Hope you have the same amount of fun I had!  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Lian! Just popping by to say hello and say that it was a real pleasure to meet you on Friday night. I was definitely one of the moms hooting away with excitement too. 🙂 It was a really fun show, and my kids just loved it.

  2. Fan R says:

    We attended one of the show too, it was fun, interesting and exciting. Our kiddo still asks for next performance.

  3. Lian Wright says:

    It was a really great experience! It was nice that the performers took the time to speak to us, too. Their stories were so interesting. I’d love to do this again!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    sounds like everyone had a fun night out. I’ve only been to a circus once in my life and that was a treat as a child. A wonderful experience, I remember the excitement on the bus going there, as we weren’t told where we were going. A night I’ve never forgotten.

  5. Lian Wright says:

    Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth! Before this post, I had not been to the circus since I was a little girl. It was a great experience. We had an amazing time. I hope you get a chance to experience the circus the next time it stops in town!

  6. DebH says:

    Have never attended a Shrine Circus but it looks like it was a lot of fun!

  7. Rick F says:

    I haven’t been to a circus in years. It’s so sad to see the tigers caged and the elephants chained.

  8. kathy downey says:

    The Animals are beautiful but it troubles me to see them caged.All the other (people) acts are fun to watch.

  9. kathy downey says:

    We have not had the Circus in our area in years .

  10. Fan R. says:

    We like Shrine Circus, especially elephants and acrobatics show!

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