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Last week on Thursday, I had the pleasure of going Christmas shopping to Place d’Orléans with my daughter and paying our purchases with an Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card by Paymobile.  My daughter was delighted to have her own Visa® Prepaid Card to make her purchases!  She bought a beautiful dress to wear on Christmas Eve at grandma’s house at Eclipse, a light blue sweater to keep her warm all winter, and a pair of jeans at American Eagle, as well as a dress shirts for her dad from Tip Top to give him at Christmas.  I could tell that she was enjoying the freedom of purchasing the items herself.

Angry Birds Prepaid Visa Card

I have to admit that I would never consider getting her a prepaid credit card before, but having used one really opened my eyes on how handy the card is for my teenage kids. I am always worried when my daughter takes the car for a drive, not because she is a bad driver, but what if the car does not start, she needs to fill up the tank with gas, or she ends up in a car accident? Having the reassurance that she has a preloaded Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card to cover the expenses or a taxi really makes me at ease.


It was also a pain when I didn’t have cash on me and my kids wanted to go shopping or to the movies with their friends. Now I can just go online to add some money on the card and they are ready to use it.  The prepaid card will also come in handy when my daughter is at University and would like to purchase books and supplies for her classes, hot chocolate at Second Cup™, or a lunch at the cafeteria. It’s safer than cash because if one of my kid’s loses their money, which has happened in the past, they can’t have it back, but their money on the card can be recovered.  It’s also a great tool to teach my kids how to manage their money, so they never spend more then the allowance money that was put on the card.


You can use the Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card where stores accept Visa, so at over 28.5 million locations worldwide an online, get 1.5% cash back when you shop at your favourite stores, track all of your spending on their website, and even receive a text message update with every purchase you make. How more convenient can this card get?  Anyone aged 13+ can carry an Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card to pay for their purchases.  I am definitely reloading my card!

You can sign up online at by simply filling out a few questions, then load your card by using an Interact Debit Card. That’s it, the card will be mailed to you!  There is no fee to acquire a solo card, thereafter, a card plan fee of $4.95 paid monthly is applied. The also offer a convenient family bundle where you can get up to two free additional cards for your kids for a one-time fee of $19.95, thereafter, a card plan fee of $9.95 paid monthly is applied. You can also transfer money via card-to-card.

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• Top-up funds anytime
• Add funds via mobile device
• Text alerts
• Smart phone balance access
• Spending report
• Stay within budget
• Load funds online via Interact
• Transfer kids’ allowance via card-to-card
• Online purchasing
• iTunes® account card
• Mobile banking
• Point of sale where Visa is accepted
• Easy sign up
• Get your card in 2-3 business days

 Would you give an Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card to your teenage kids?


Twitter Party Alert



Get in on the fun with the Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card Twitter Party on December 11th at 8pm!
Follow the hashtag #AngryBirdsPrepaid

(The Twitter Party is open to Canadian residents excluding Quebec)

Twitter Party Host: @PayMobileAB
Twitter Party Co-Hosts: @SoberJulie & @SimplyStacieNet


1-$300 Angry Birds Prepaid Card,

2-$100 Angry Birds Prepaid Card,

3-$50 Angry Birds Prepaid Card,

3-$25 Angry Birds Prepaid Card

($725 total in prizing)

Disclaimer: I received an Angry Birds™ Visa® Prepaid Card by Paymobile to make the purchases mentioned above. However, I only support companies I think others would be interested in hearing about and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Akiko says:

    Interesting idea. The physical card arrangement might last for another couple of years before most of this moves to NFC via cell phones. Since most kids have cell phones, they’ll probably prefer that to carrying around plastic cards.

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