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Arctic® Apples

Apples. They are one of the most popular fruits of the bunch. They are also a delicate fruit, bruising if they are not handled carefully. Technology is advanced enough now that it can prevent this process from happening. I had the opportunity to hear Neal Carter, president of Arctic® Apples share how they have put this technology to work in their apples to give consumer more of a choice when shopping for this produce item.


Arctic Apple Neal Carter Photo Ottawa Momy Club


Nonbrowning Arctic® Apples are the world’s first commercial approved biotech apple. How has Arctic® Apples been able to stop apples from bruising? They removed the polyphenol oxidase enzyme (PPO) that causes oxidative browning so these apples do not look damaged. These apples also do not contain no new proteins so their make up and nutrition are the same as conventional apples.


Arctic Apple vs Conventional Apple Photo Ottawa Momy Club


How would Arctic® Apples benefit sellers and consumers?

Sellers of Arctic® apples would save money by having less waste on their shelves. Apples are one of the most wasted foods because they are not as sustainable as other fruits. Since they can brown and bruise easily, consumers tend not to want to buy them. This results in sellers having to throw away large quantities of their stock and have to replace them with a fresh stock. By selling Arctic® apples, this would cut back in the amount of waste sellers would go through on their shelves and having to put to waste.

Consumers of Arctic® Apples would also be saving money and creating less waste, but in another way. Since the PPO enzyme stops the destroying reaction in apples, foods and drinks will no longer brown, making them look and taste better. These cut apples can be stored up to several days in the fridge without browning. Arctic® Apples can be used in certain smoothies use dairy to add extra fibre without ruining the flavour of the drink. These apples would also be great as a fast snack on-the-go, as they would not brown after being cut hours before and would still taste good.

We were also invited to taste Arctic® Apples for ourselves to see if they were different than the apples we are used to buying from the produce department. We had raw and sliced pieces that were put together before the meeting as well as apple chips. Both snacks tasted great and looked as though they were they were just recently prepared.


Arctic Apple Collage Photo Ottawa Momy Club


Arctic® apples are not currently available for Canadians to purchase, but have cleared obligations with Canadian and US regulatory bodies. Arctic® Apples are hoping to make their debut in Canadian and US markets in 2017. So keep Arctic® Apples in mind for when they do arrive in your produce department! 

You can visit CropLife Canada for more details about Arctic® Apples!

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  1. kathy downey says:

    I love Apples and would love to try those

  2. Louanne says:

    I never heard of Arctic Apples before. This is great and I will be watching to see when they arrive in our area. Thank you for sharing.

  3. kathy downey says:

    I asked and Arctic Apples are not available where i shop,its a shame would love to have tried them !

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Arctic Apples are new to me. I love the idea of the apples not browning, I’d much rather something was removed rather than added.

  5. Darren Scrubb says:

    I am sure I would like to taste these fruits.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Wow that is amazing that they can make such an apple!!

  7. s powell says:

    Hmmm Non browning apples not sure what I think but I would try them

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