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Table 40 Restaurant

I LOVE food and I really love to go out and try new restaurants.  We all lead such busy lives making sure our families have everything they need that it is a great treat to leave the kids at home and have a quiet night out every once in a while.  In the last few years the Ottawa restaurant scene has just exploded! (Just writing that makes me roll my eyes as it sounds so pompous, but really it has!)  There are so many fantastic new places to try out and they all have exciting chefs and concepts so I know a place is really a hit when I go back more than once.  One of my new favourite dining choices for Ottawa is Table 40.

Table 40 is part of Fraser Café located at 7 Springfield Road and is only open on Monday nights.  There is a set menu (no substitutions allowed) and the price varies between $37-$42 a dinner.  You get a 4 course dinner that is always phenomenal.  The restaurant is set up with communal seating, and has a really interesting rustic décor.  The meal is served family style for your party, so you are sharing with the people you came with, but not the whole table.  If you can’t eat all the food for each course they will pack up the leftovers for you, and we have had leftovers after each visit as there is always so much food. The meal consists of a soup,  main course, salad and dessert.  They post the menus at the beginning of the month, for the next 4 dinners.  So we go online, check out the menu that appeals to us and book our reservation.  They do seatings from 5:30 to 9pm.  Last time we went at 8pm and it was extremely busy when we got there, but then quieted down around 9pm.

Table 40 Restaurant

There is always something on the menu that I am not sure I will like, but the rest of the menu looks so good we decide to take a chance.  Every time I just love everything.  The Table 40 chef has the magical ability to make everything taste good, even things that I really don’t like.  His flavour combinations are just so yummy, I end up eating way more than I should and we still have leftovers.  His roasted vegetables are always outstanding, his soups are incredible, his mains and salads are creative and tasty, his desserts are delicious and whimsical.  Honestly, this guy can cook.  The servers are always excellent and friendly and fun.  I pretty much love this place and am dying for the September menus to come out so we can book another dinner!


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  1. Lauren says:

    Sounds and looks so yummy!

  2. Fan R. says:

    Looks like nice place to visit, I like the name of the place and once a week being open means booking in advance is a must!

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