Celebrate a Fun March Break with DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

Celebrate a Fun March Break with DK Canada Books

With February in our rear view mirrors, I am beginning to scramble with plans for that last long vacation period kids have before the end of the school year: March Break! It is great to get the kids out and about, but I know that there will be days where we will be at home. Since we do not want our kids to be zonked out by a device in their faces all day long, I have been scratching my head to come up with some ideas to keep the good times rolling. DK Canada asked me if I could find books from their vast collection of books to help celebrate a Fun March Break experience with my family. Since we love crafting, I picked books I knew would keep us creating throughout the week!

These are the three titles I reviewed from DK Canada:

DK Canada Book Covers: Paper Craft, The Big Book of Crafts and Activities and Handmade Interiors


Paper Craft

You can create some amazing art pieces with paper. Paper Craft gives users so many ideas to make fun and creative works of art that can be used for so many things. Users are able to learn how to make gorgeous decorations, pieces to dress up different rooms in your home, cards for all sorts of occasions and more. Another great aspect of this book is that the projects showcased in this book can be done by crafters of all skill levels.

DK Canada Book Cover: Paper Craft

My family loves making crafts out of paper, and I was really impressed with a variety of ideas Paper Craft has to offer users. On those days where it is too cold to go outside, I think we will try to make the Paper Crowns craft found in this book and then dress them up to their own personal taste. The Cherry Blossoms idea would be nice to have around my work area to bring a bit of spring into this space. My family would really love making and having Papercut Lanterns project to add a bit of whimsy to our rooms at night. I also love that these projects can be done within a day, so they do not take too long to create this March Break.

DK Canada Book: Paper Craft – Papercut lantern craft idea page

The Big Book of Crafts and Activities

Will you be at home with the kids this March Break or are expecting to have kids over as overnight guests? Not sure how to entertain them? The Book of Crafts and Activities is a great to have on hand to help make this time fun! This title has over 150 ideas for kids to enjoy, from campfire ideas and a flip-flop tutorial to fun snacks to create and pampering ideas, there is no shortage of fun that can be had!

DK Canada Book Cover: The Big Book of Crafts and Activities

My kids would enjoy making personalized pillows from the Perfect Pillows idea found in this book.  They would also enjoy creating their own kites in fun designs to start flying when spring arrives. When their friends drop by, the Caramel Popcorn and Banana Bites snacks would make for a sweet treat to eat while watching a movie during a sleepover.

DK Canada Book: The Big Book of Crafts and Activities – Perfect Pillows craft idea

Handmade Interiors

March Break is not just for kids. Parents can have some fun, too! I love creating decorative pieces to add a bit of flare to the rooms in my home, and Handmade Interiors shares different ideas I can try during March Break. This book is a guide that takes users through projects, from blinds and throw pillows to bedding and furniture updating.

DK Canada Book Cover: Handmade Interiors

There were so many amazing projects I want to do during March Break this year. In my bedroom, I want to create this Padded Headboard to add a bit of sophistication in this space. I would love to have the Tie Blind idea to dress up the window in my younger children’s bedroom. To make going on a fun adventure in my living room, this Teepee Tent project would make playtime more fun for the whole family.

DK Canada Book: Handmade Interiors – Padded Headboard idea

There are so many ideas from these DK Canada titles to have a fun time for all this March Break. Each book allows for works of art to be created that serve a purpose. These titles also keep users of all ages engaged and having fun. I know my family will have an amazing March Break with these books at hand!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I share are my own.




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  1. Handmade Interiors would be perfect for March break because my sisters are coming home and we love doing homemade.

  2. I would choose The Big Book of Crafts and Activities. My granddaughters would really enjoy this. They love crafts, coloring, just all sorts of different things.

  3. I would love to use ‘The Big Book Of Crafts and Activities’ with our grandsons when they spend a few days with us over March break. Our grandchildren love all crafts! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  4. I would choose The Big Book of Craft and Activities since it has 150 craft ideas in it. There would be something for everyone with that many activities.

  5. The Big Book of Craft and Activities shoudl keep my two 7-year olds busy! Thanks for hosting. Love DK books!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  6. Lovely books that have plenty of ideas and suggestions to keep people happy and occupied for quite a while 🙂


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