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During a Baby Show, I came across Bumblebaby Diapers which was started by working at home mom, Jamie Thoden. My husband and I ordered two pocket diapers from her wide selection of prints. My husband was thrilled to see a bicycle print so we bought one of those and another made with cute giraffes. Jamie has some really unique prints available; some are covered in cotton with a hidden PUL layer and some are just a PUL outer like a typical pocket diaper.

bumblebabyThe pocket diapers have the opening at the front and are closed with a snap. I like having that snap there to keep the insert from sticking out and I like that the insert is easy to shake out without having to dirty your hands. The pocket itself is not lined with fleece that normally lines pocket diapers but a polyester material called pique. It seems to help pull the liquid through to the insert and help keep the skin drier.

The insert is made of bamboo and it was recommended to me after we experienced some leaks that it will need around six to eight washes to make it extra absorbent. Now that the diapers have been washed approximately seven times they are working better and there have been no leaks. I’ve also tried the diapers with a microfiber insert and I found this worked really well.

They are very trim on Nina but at this stage in Nina’s growth I find it difficult to snap them at the waist in a way so they don’t bunch up but also don’t leave a gaping hole. It’s almost as if Nina is in between snaps and I’ve noticed that it has caused some “wing droop” which causes the diaper to loosen around the inside of the legs. I kind of wish the tabs to do up the waist had four snaps on each side instead of just three. I’m sure eventually Nina will get to a stage where they’ll fit well. I know I have experienced this before – a diaper has not worked and then after Nina has grown a little bit, they seem to fit a lot better.

Jamie doesn’t just sell diapers – she also sells wool soakers, cloth wipes, nursing pads and other related products. I really love how distinct her prints are and Jamie is very approachable and eager to help with troubleshooting. Even though we experienced a couple of leaks, the diapers themselves are really well made. I knew from the start that sometimes cloth diapers can be finicky and it may take a few tries to figure out where to snap the rise and waist and the best inserts to use to create the perfect fit.

Check out Bumblebaby Diapers at www.bumblebabydiapers.com.

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  1. kathy downey says:

    These diapers look real nice!

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