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Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada

Summer. Usually, it is a time to lounge and while the day away. For my family, we find it hard to sit still for long periods of time. We have to be doing or learning something in order to have a good time. STEM is a great way to have fun while learning about the world around them. DK Canada has a variety of books that make learning about STEM fun for the whole family! My family was asked if we would like to have three books to bring STEM into our summer to have fun! We could not wait to see what we would learn from them.

Below are the three books we received from DK Canada:


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
L-R: Smithsonian Science cover; The Bacteria Book cover;Star Wars Maker Lab cover.


Heating things up

Smithsonian Science gives readers a history of science, detailing many scientific events, from the evolution of the wheel to the dawn of the Internet and beyond. There are also beautiful images and photographs, charts and tables that help to explain the significance of these discoveries, events and theories.


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
Smithsonian Science cover.


My young scientists love going through many of the sections of this book. One of their favourites was the heat section, which is important to all streams of STEM. They learned about what heat is, how to measure it, and how it changes other things that come in contact with it. A fun fact they took away from this book was that the hotter the temperature of the day makes a cricket chirp more than a cool day. This book helps them to find out answers about the world around them as a family.


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
Heat section of Smithsonian Science book.


The good, the bad and the ewww of bacteria

The Bacteria Book  gives young readers a jump into the world of bacteria in a fun way. It explains what bacteria, viruses, and other small microbes that are around us that we can’t see. 


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
The Bacteria Book cover.


My kids are always fascinated with what happens to food when it is eaten. This title explained the digestive process to them from beginning to, well, end. The diagram gives kids a basic idea of how food is processed. They now know why certain things happen and how important it is for them to eat healthier.  This part of STEM was made fun for them due to this book.


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
Digestive Process section of The Bacteria Book.


Bringing a bit of the movies to life

Star Wars™ Maker Lab has 20 project ideas to create some of the crafts, droids and other objects from this universe to enjoy at home. Fact-filled panels give makers an idea of the real science, along with the Star Wars science behind for each of the projects.


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
Star Wars Maker Lab cover.


We are all huge fans of this space-themed series, and the droids are one of our favourite features within it. We are really excited to try to put together the R2-D2 Holoprojector because it is one of the most memorable parts of the first movie for us. I like that many of the items we need to put it together can be found around our home. This particular STEM project may be a bit more difficult for young makers on their own, but this craft can be a fabulous project for the whole family to be a part of for the day! 


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
R2-D2 Holoprojector project section of Star Wars Maker Lab book.


STEM + Summer = FUN!

My family enjoyed all three books we received from DK Canada! The world of STEM was brought to life in a way we could all learn from and enjoy. They discovered the how important heat is in our world. Digestion became a fun process to learn about. Seeing what parts of the one of our favourite movies we can create in our home geared us up for many summer days of creative fun. There is so much we can take from these books, and we are happy to have them to read any time!


Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada
Bring Learning into Your Summer with DK Canada


Would your family like to bring learning into your summer? Discover more titles like my family did on DK Canada’s website, and connect with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.



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  1. The Bacteria Book would be great to read with my grandchildren, they love books and are always interested in learning new things.

  2. One of my kids would love Smithsonian Science and the other would love The Bacteria Book for bringing learning to their summer.

  3. We’d love to make some of the things in the Star Wars™ Maker Lab book. Another book we’d love is the LEGO Star Wars Ideas Book.

  4. My kids are bananas for both reading and science. They would LOVE to read any and all the books, but especially the bacteria one. Love it!!!


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