Boston Explosions and such – How much do you share with your kids?

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Last week’s events in Boston hit pretty close to home. Boston was my first home in North America. I moved there when I was 12 years old and spent my Junior High, High School and University years in the Boston area. So when I first heard and saw reports of the explosions my first instincts were to make sure all family and friends in Boston were safe. Was anyone even running this year or watching someone run? I quickly sent out emails and texts. Luckily and thankfully for me everyone I knew was safe.

We decided not to turn on the TV or purposely expose the kids to any of the news but I was glued to social media – a large percentage of my friends on Facebook are from/in Boston and were posting up-to-date info and I was following all the official and unofficial tweets.

I made the decision not to share the incident with my kids for a few reasons. My 2 year old of course is way too young. My 5 ½ year old – well is he too young too?

I don’t think he would be exposed to this kind of conversation at his Montessori. At least he wasn’t when most recently the Newtown, CT Tragedy occurred.  And if he was and asked me a question then we’d talk about it.

Perhaps, it also depends on the child’s personality. Mine is affected easily – he gets anxious and things stay with him. He saw some coverage on Hurricane Sandy and got freaked out for weeks. He saw the news and heard his dad and me discussing the fiscal cliff and gathered it was something really bad not understanding that it was only a metaphorical cliff. Anytime we visit the States he wants to know if the fiscal cliff is there. No honey, it’s not! But it’s still a very “bad” thing in his mind. In all his imaginary play the bad guys still fall off the fiscal cliff.

As well, we are going to Boston in a month for my cousin’s engagement celebration and I want him to be excited about visiting and hanging out with a lot of family he doesn’t get to see very often. I don’t want him to get anxious about something he may not truly understand as yet. I am sure; I certainly hope that he’d be safe at a family engagement party.

Also, the mom in me absolutely does want to shelter him as long as I can. Sooner than I would like and sadly enough he will realize that “really bad” things happen all around us, to everyday people like us and unfortunately a little too often. That realization for me didn’t come until I was much older than he is.

How about you? Did you proactively share with your kids or let them come to you? How do you deal with events such as this at home?


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