Book Review: Gold by Chris Cleave


Gold is a story of two women, Kate and Zoe, working towards competing at the 2012 Olympics for cycling. They’ve been racing each other for over a decade and have a twisted friendship. Kate is training while trying to raise a daughter who has leukemia. She and her husband trade off parenting and training because he’s a medal contender as well. Zoe is a loner and completely focused on her training, to a fault.

The story is told from the perspective of each character: Kate and Zoe, Kate’s husband and their daughter. Not only that, snippets from the past are thrown in as the characters remember events that occurred and over time you get more and more information and things start to fall into place. Things are explained, reasons are made clear, surprising twists are revealed.

As a mom, I cannot imagine having the strength required to not only parent a desperately sick child but also to push my body to its physical limit the ways Kate does. Her character is pretty incredible and you can’t help but admire her.

I think there’s something for everyone in this book: the thrill of training and racing, parenting in the face of adversity, changing relationships, and even some Star Wars thrown in. It’s well-written and fast-paced and a great story. I’d love to know if you’ve read it and what you thought.

Kamerine Gardam
Kamerine has been blogging for 10 years, the past four and a half as a mom. She has a 4.5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter who was born at home with only her husband there to help. Completely transformed by that experience Kamerine is now working as a birth doula. She will be writing about her experiences parenting two young children, books her and her children love, and things to do in the city.

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