Be Ready for Adventure This Holiday Season with PAW Patrol #Review

Be Ready for Adventure This Holiday Season with PAW Patrol

Trying to do things, no matter your size is an important lesson for kids to discover. This is one of the most important messages PAW Patrol shares with its young but mighty fans. My kids are two of their biggest fans, and Elevation Pictures, asked us if we would enjoy having their PAW Patrol 10-Disk Power Pack of DVDs to be ready for adventure any time we wanted. My family put our paws together and cheered at this opportunity!


Be Ready for Adventure this Holiday Season with PAW Patrol
PAW Patrol 10-Disk Power Pack of DVDs on a table.


The PAW Patrol 10-Disk Power Pack is a PAW Patrol fan’s dream. It contains ten DVDs with fifty-six episodes for fans to immerse themselves in. From the water to sports to saving other animals, there are so many types of missions for little patrollers to watch and enjoy.

When our Power Pack arrived at my home, my kids could not wait to start viewing the missions Ryder and his pups were going to take on. Within their first sitting, my little ones burned through three DVDs of shows. They each have their favourite PAW Patrollers and got excited when that pup was the focus of an episode.


Be Ready for Adventure this Holiday Season with PAW Patrol
Kids sitting in a couch with the PAW Patrol box set of DVDs.


One of their favourite DVDs in this box set was called “Mission PAW.” Both of my kids love following along as the troop take on the antics of Sweetie, an ambitious pup that wants to be Queen of Barkingburg. We loved watching as Sweetie schemed to fulfill her goal, and how the PAW Patrol were on the case to try and stop her plans.


Be Ready for Adventure this Holiday Season with PAW Patrol
Kids watching PAW Patrol episode in a living room.


I am ever so happy to have received the PAW Patrol 10-Disk Power Pack to watch. They were happy to see episode after episode of fun, lessons and adventures the PAW Patrol take on and complete. These pups make my kids smile and cheer on this team of heroic and clever pups as they save the day wherever they are. It is a fantastic way to spend time together for a movie night or quality time during the holiday season. We can’t wait to watch this set over and over again!


Be Ready for Adventure this Holiday Season with PAW Patrol
Be Ready for Adventure this Holiday Season with PAW Patrol


Want to learn more about the PAW Patrol 10-DVD Power Pack? You can visit Elevation Pictures on their website, or connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages to find out!


Disclaimer: I received products from Elevation Pictures in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.


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  1. I just asked my daughter and she said Zuma is her favourite character to watch. I’m glad I asked – I was going to guess someone else! 🙂

  2. This gift would be for my godson who is Paw Patrol crazy; his favourite character is Chase (he even dressed up as Chase for Halloween).

  3. My granddaughters love Chase and Skye the most. I spent a week with my granddaughters and we watched Paw Patrol over the Christmas holidays. It is really a cute cartoon.

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