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The holiday season can become quite stressful. You know, gift shopping, baking, tree trimming and crafting while still trying to maintain your day-to-day life until the big day arrives. Especially at this time of the year, I need to let off a bit of steam and have a bit of fun. I also like spending time with my eldest since she is a teenager now, and she is beginning to want to spend more time on her own. I was happy to have the chance to review products from Mutant Mania Mix & Match Wrestlers. We received a Mutant Mania Rampage Arena and a Mutant Mania Eight- Pack. We decided to make testing this product part of a Mother-Daughter Night, so we had snacks with us to munch on while we played.

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Mutant Mania Mix & Match Wrestlers are wacky, mix and match collectable figures from the Mutant Mania universe. You can build them with their own bodies, or you can swap out body parts with another wrestler to make an even wackier character to bash and smash around with! There are so many different kinds of Mutant Mania Wrestlers with different specialties; the possibilities are almost endless for someone to create!


Before getting to do battle with my eldest, we had to assemble the set and the wrestlers. The set was easy to put together. There were no screws or clips to use to put the wrestling ring and stage sets together, but it also made these objects not as easy to keep together while setting it up. Once the stage and ring were ready, we put the wrestlers together. Two mini wrestlers came with the ring set, and the rest came with the Eight Pack of wrestlers. They were also easy to assemble. We had to attach their Flexi Spines (it is what allows for each wrestler to be so flexible) to the rest of their bodies. It was kind of like being a bit of a Dr. Frankenstein putting together mini monsters together, and it was a lot of fun to do! The Mutant Mania Eight Pack of wrestlers also came with a cute can where you can store eight play figures. We wondered how they would all fit into the can until we actually tried, and sure enough, they were all sung as a bug in a rug in their can.

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Once everything was assembled, it was time to do battle! Playing with these wrestlers and this set was a bit reminiscent of playing with a similar robotic and a toy of yesteryear. I got to smash a button on the top of the handle and swing the characters around your side of the ring as I was trying to demolish my daughter and her wrestler. We each cheered as our wrestlers looked as though they were getting the better of the other person’s wrestler, and groaned as it looked as though we were losing. There were times when each of us thought our little guys were going to burst into pieces, but, sadly, it did not happen.


After we were all wrestled out, we placed our Mutant Mania Wrestlers onto the can again for a good rest (leaving two on the set because they could not fit in the can), and put our set away for the night. We really liked our characters, and commented on how fun their faces looked, or the poses we could put them in, both on and off of the ring and stage sets. My eldest and I had a lot of fun playing with our Mutant Mania Mix & Match Wrestlers. Some of you may think that this is a strange way to relax and unwind, but sometimes, it is good to be a bit silly, and these action figures and ring set certainly helped take some of the stress of the holiday season off of my mind.


If you would like more information about Mutant Mania Mix & Match Wrestlers you can visit their website, and you can also connect with them on their Facebook and YouTube pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Mutant Mania Canada in order to conduct a review. The opinions expressed are honest and my own.



Mutant Mania Canada would like to give away all of the products I reviewed to one Ottawa Mommy Club reader! The AVR is $55! Here is what this prize includes:
• One (1) Mutant Mania Eight-Pack
• One (1) Mutant Mania Rampage Arena

In order to have a chance to win, all you have to do is enter!

Good luck to you all!

The giveaway is open to Canadian Residents and ends on January 5th, 2015 at 11:59 EST.


Rules: Open to Canadian residents 18 +. You have 48 hours to reply by email once you are notified as the winner. If you don’t, we will draw another entry. Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. The selected winner must correctly answer a mathematical question in order to win the prize mentioned above. The Ottawa Mommy Club is not responsible for prize fulfillment and for the delivery/shipment of the prize(s) mentioned above. For our complete set of rules, please click here.

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