Bamboo Dishes for Kids: White-o-Coccoli Review

We had the pleasure of reviewing Bamboo dishes for kids by White-o-Coccoli and our family just loved their biodegradable materials!

When I told the kids that we get to bury our new dishes in the ground when we’re done with them, it caused quite a stir! They interpreted “when we’re done” as “right after supper” and it was hard to tell if they were happy that we get to keep using the dishes, or miffed that they had to wait a whole 3 years before digging the hole in the garden! Either way, it was a great teachable moment about biodegradable materials and I’m happy to have planted another green seed in their minds!

Bamboo Dishes for Kids: White-o-Coccoli Review

Bamboo Fiber Dishes By White-o-Coccoli

We’ve had the opportunity to use bamboo fiber dishes by White-o-Coccoli for the past month and it’s been a real hit! Anything that is green (they do come in other colours, I’m referring to the environmental impact here!) appeals to me. The fact that they stack nicely, are dishwasher friendly, and really rugged (read: we’ve dropped them … no chips or cracks!) are an added bonus. The kids love the feel of it.  It’s light to carry and the insulating property of bamboo pulp is different than plastic or melamine: you can really feel cold milk through the cup! And even at 4 and 6 yrs old, they’re more keen to clean their plate off when there’s a promise of a cute character at the bottom.

Bamboo Dishes for Kids: White-o-Coccoli Review

White-o-Coccoli (rhymes with Right-O-Broccoli according to Juliette) is “Fun, earth-friendly tableware just for kids” made of bamboo pulp which is heat pressed into shape. Available in green, turquoise, pink, and blue, these dishes are coloured with a soy based food-safe colouring which will last as long as the dishes themselves. 

The pictures aren’t coated with melamine (music to my ears!) and so naturally the picture will fade over time. The pictures on our bamboo cup and bowl have shown no sign of fading yet despite daily use and trips through the dishwasher for the past month, although the plate took a major hit when we had delivery pizza. The hot grease lifted a lot of ink in just one meal, but we haven’t been able to re-create the scenario since, even with an ooey-gooey grilled cheese

White-o-Coccoli Bamboo spoon

Children’s Bamboo Smiley Spoon

The Children’s Bamboo Smiley Spoon we received has been perfect for small yogourt pots and fruit cups. The handle is a bit too short for our children’s hands to use for cereal or soup – we’re ready for the adult versions. It’s important to note that unlike the tablewear, the cutlery line isn’t dishwasher friendly. I would have LOVED to have this bamboo spoon when the kids were teething, and think that the personalized ones with names burned into them make a GREAT baby gift, especially for wee ones with really unique names!

bamboo tableware for kids

These bamboo dishes have been a real delight to use and have caused much (cheerful) debate at the dinner table. The kids have yet to decide whether the character on the cup is a dragon or a dinosaur (I haven’t told them that the themes are marketed as Green-Dinosaurs, Turquoise-Robots, Pink-Princess, and Blue-Underwater), nor have they agreed on the final resting place when it comes time for the biodegrade-burial!

Only 1064 more days to decide, too!

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  1. White-o-Coccoli is made from BAMBOO fibers. Very cool that you can simply bury it in the ground and it’ll decompose.


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