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Gift shopping for a baby shower is something I LOVE doing! I am getting something special for amazing friends and family members, and the items I am choosing from is adorable. One problem I encounter when going out to buy a baby gift is where to start. I was surprised to find out that Best Buy has a Baby Catalogue for new parents and their loved ones can visit and choose items from to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world. Best Buy asked me to choose a friend or family member who was expecting a little one and to surprise them with a gift!




Out of my friends who are expecting a baby, I chose my friends Jenny and Alberto to receive this amazing surprise. They have created such a warm and wonderful family, and their new addition they are preparing for will add to this great dynamic.




Being new to Ottawa, Jenny and Alberto like to get out and explore the city and surrounding areas with their family. Since they are such adventurers, I chose to give them a BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One in its Silver colour so they can take their baby wherever they go!




I wanted for them to have a carrier that was comfy so they would want to have it on hand every day. It is ergonomically designed to give that comfort they need. The adjustable waist belt will let them both of them make it their own when they wear it. Four front and back carrying positions this carrier offers adds to the snugness both parent and baby will experience. This carrier allows for baby’s hips are placed in the desired position to help support good hip joint development. While snuggled up with mom or dad, a baby’s arms and legs are able to move freely and develop muscles, motor skills, and balance. No additional infant insert is needed as it fits most newborns. It can also be easily rolled up and stowed in a small space like a diaper bag when not in use.




Jenny was so happy when she opened my gift! She did not expect to be given a baby carrier. We both could not wait for her to open the box and try it on. It looked and felt really sturdy. The silver colour was a fabulous choice as both Jenny and Alberto could wear it. The straps were easy to adjust so Jenny could tighten it to suit her body. We both commented on how great a carrier would be to have on hand with a baby.  It can be worn just about anywhere, and it comes in handy when you want to have a baby close to you yet want to have your hands free to do different things while on the move indoors or out! I can’t wait for this little one to come and begin its journey with Jenny and Alberto’s family!




Need to start looking for a special gift for a family with a baby on the way or a newborn? New parents or parents-to-be can sign up to take part in The Baby Samplers Club to have the chance to try out new products in exchange for a review.  New parents and those who care for them should take an advantage of all Best Buy has available!

For more details about Best Buy, you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter (@BestBuy), Instagram and Pinterest pages!


Disclaimer: I was generously compensated by Best Buy to write this post. All opinions are my own.







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