Be Award Season Ready with Conair Canada Beauty Products – Reviews


Be Award Season Ready with Conair Canada Beauty Products – Reviews


It’s that time of year! Lights are being put up and the red carpets are being rolled out for awards season! Whether you are attending one of these events or are getting the gang together to host a party to watch one, looking your best is important. Conair Canada has the right tools to help make your beautiful look ready for your big event. They asked me to review their Reflections LED Lighted Collections Mirror and True Glow Pedi System to see if it could get me award season ready from head to toe.



When getting ready for a big event, my prep work begins, quite literally, from the ground up. My feet are one of the hardest working parts of my body. Whether they will be covered or on display in the shoes I decide to wear, I like to make sure they are pampered before a long night of having fun. The True Glow Pedi System helps to make my feet look and feel ready to show off for an event. This pedi system features:

  • 360° rotating brush
  • Water resistant to use safely in the shower
  • 3 attachment heads: rotating brush head, callus softener and sponge
  • Extension handle
  • 2 speeds



I enjoyed using the True Glow Pedi System. The extension handle and the 360° rotating brush allowed for me to clean and remove skin and dirt from my feet. The callus softener made light work of the dry skin that had built up due to running around I do with my family. The sponge was a great help when moisturizing my feet with lotion. It is also amazing that the detachable heads are so easy to remove and replace as you need them.  




Now that my feet are pedi perfect, I then turn my attention to a key area of my glamourous look: My face! As much as I love commandeering the main bathroom to get ready for a swanky event, there are four other people who need to use this space. The Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror allowed me to set up a cute command centre so I can care for my face in the privacy of my bedroom.  This mirror has the following features:

  • Double-sided mirror rotates 360°
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Mirror settings on base switches Off/High/Low
  • 1x/7x magnification
  • Lifetime energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Uses 70 percent less energy than regular incandescent bulbs



I loved being able to have a regular and a more close-up view with a simple push. The LED lights are helpful when touching up my eyes and brows. Being able to increase and reduce the amount of light around the mirror comes in handy when the amounts of natural and artificial light changes in my room. The polished chrome finish made me feel glamorous while using it. I was able to get everything I needed to do faster by not having to pop in and out of the bathroom when someone else needed to use it.



I enjoyed using the True Glow Pedi System and the Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror from Conair Canada to glam myself up. They both were easy to use and made it simple for me to look and feel my best. It is like having a mini spa at my disposal. It is great that I have these products at hand so I can be award season ready in a snap!

Want to find out about more products to help you be Award Season ready? You can visit Conair Canada on their website, or connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Conair Canada in order to conduct this review. The views expressed are my own.



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  1. So my feet are so bad that I’ve literally had them catch on the comforter…yeah so…I’d use the callus softened I suspect. Prob doesn’t help that I wear steel toed rubber boots most of my days (for work) and we sweat in them. Did a bit of OT last night and man do my toe hurt today.

  2. oooo I would have to say the Callus Softener which my feet really need! this would come in handy to get my feet spring and summer ready

  3. I think I would use the Callus Softener the most. Specially in the summer.. When I am wearing flip flops and my heals get really bad.

  4. I would probably use the callus softener head the most as I’m in my bare feet a lot and have a lot of dry skin and calluses to remove.

  5. For me it would definitely be the callus softener, using the extension handle to get to my feet – I’m finding it more and more difficult these days. 🙂

  6. The rotating 360 degree brush would probably be my fave since my feet get sooo so dirty after playing beach volleyball in the spring and summers

  7. I love my facial cleaning brush. They make cleaning your face so easy and it really works better than anything I have used before. I don’t use the callus attachement so I cannot speak into that, but I love the brush!

  8. This cleaning brush is one of the best! I have compared it to the brush from ProActive and Olay and the Conair is superior! Whoever wins this congrats!


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