An Animated Afternoon at the Ottawa International Animation Festival~ Review

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Comedy.  Drama.  Action.  Adventure.  All of these themes were found throughout the Ottawa International Animation Festival, or OIAF.  This year’s festival ran from September 18-23, 2013 at various venues throughout Ottawa’s downtown core.   This festival attracts people from all walks of life who enjoy film, art, cartoons, and of course, animation, and to view the creations animators of all kinds have put together for the world to see.  My daughter and I were lucky enough to have been given the chance to attend just a small portion of what this festival offers.   This festival also served as a much needed Mother-Daughter day out, and let me tell you, it was one to remember!

Out of all of the showings, workshops and competitions this festival featured, I figured it would be best for the two of us to attend the Short Films Made For Kids Competition and the Television Animation Made For Kids Competition, as my daughter is just at that age where she’s almost a teenager, yet still likes to watch animated shows geared for younger children (I, know, I had myself in mind, too, as I really like to watch a lot of animated show, too!).  Another reason why we attended these two competitions was because they were so close together, so we could experience more of the festival.

Through the somewhat rainy day, we picked up my pass

and my sway bag full of goodies.

OMC OIAF Pics Swag

We then headed out for the National Arts Gallery of Canada, the venue for our day’s festivities.

Out of both of the competitions, we enjoyed the Short Films Made For Kids Competition the most.  We really liked this competition because the creators behind these films came from countries all over the world, featuring themes of all kinds.  It was hard to choose from the fourteen films presented, but these were some of our favourite “shorts”:

  • Someone Who Gets You, directed by Anthony Dusko – USA – for taking what some would consider to be “toilet humour” and making it into just over a minute of cute and delightful fun.
  • Written By A Kid ‘La Munkya,’ directed by Roque Ballesteros – USA – the animation was okay, but we felt that the storytelling abilities of six year-old Emily were FAR beyond her years…it was really funny!
  • My Little Moon, directed by So-Young Kim – South Korea – This flick was more of my pick, as I felt the animation was so beautiful, yet the story behind this short was sad, sowing viewers how a little boy came to terms with dealing with a loss in their family.
  • Psychedelic Afternoon, directed by Uruma Delvi – Japan – we really enjoyed how the lyrics of the David Byrne complemented the animation in this short film.  It brought the little boy in the film out of the darkness into the light.
  • Tome of the Unknown, directed by Patrick McHale – USA – This film was more of my daughter’s pick because it was a bit crazy and silly, but the story was really good.

We were also able to vote on which short animated film for kids we enjoyed most for this competition.  I chose Written By A Kid, and I think my daughter chose Tome of the Unknown, but she wanted to keep pick a secret!  The OIAF later announced that Written By A Kid ‘La Munkya’ won for Best Short Animation for Children!  We were so excited about that because it really was a great short film.

After a short break,

OMC OIAF Pics Program

we went to view the Television Animation Made For Kids Competition, there , were five shows to choose from , but there was only one show my daughter and I could agree on that was the best: Regular Show ‘A Bunch of Full Grown Geese,’ directed by JG Quintel.  This show did not provide kids with a positive message about life, or a real life lesson.  What this show did provide was a total escape from reality, and got viewers to laugh at some of the most ridiculous things ever!  For parents, the episode chosen for the competition also had some pop-culture references from my days as a child that those in attendance appreciated.  I wouldn’t recommend this show for younger viewers (anyone under the age of 10 years-old, due to some of the violence shown), but it was a show that allowed you to let your hair down for a few moments and be silly.  This was also our pick to win this competition.  Once again, we  found out later from OAIF that our pick won for Best TV Animation for Kids!  We’re two-for-two (well, sort of)!  Finding this out really out a cherry on the top of our amazing day out.

Overall, we had a fabulous time at OIAF.  We laughed, saw some different and amazing animation from Canada and abroad, and got our say in what we thought were the best of the best viewed.  The other viewers present seemed to share our amusement, and had as much fun as we did.  The volunteers for the festival were pleasant and helpful, and it was great to see some of the directors who helped to create these awesome pieces of art .  I think I may put this festival on our permanent calendar of festivals to attend in Ottawa.  This festival made a dark and dreary day much brighter!

OMC OIAF Pics Goofy

Below I have placed the email OIAF sent with a list of all of the festival’s competition winners for your to look at.  Hope to see you there next year!

OTTAWA (September 21, 2013)— The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) competition component has come to an end with the highly anticipated award ceremonies, which were held this evening at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts. OIAF organizers announced the 2013 winners of the official competition during the ceremonies.
This year’s OIAF, which is in full swing, began on September 18th and ends tomorrow. The Festival has been a tremendous success thus far with packed screenings, workshops, and high profile networking events such as TAC. Screenings will continue tomorrow.
This year the festival received 1,924 entries from 76 different countries, selecting 108 finalists for competition. An additional 44 films will be shown out-of-competition in Showcase screenings.
The OIAF is a major international film event that attracts more than 24,000 film buffs, art lovers, producers, and cartoon fans from around the world.

The members of the 2013 Jury for the Short Program include Carolina López Caballero (Spain), Ged Haney (UK/ Germany), and Megan Turnbull (Canada).  The members of the Jury for the Animated Feature Film Competition include Elliot Cowan (Australia/ USA), Fran Krause (USA), and Michèle Lemieux (Canada).

The Nelvana GRAND PRIZE for Best Short Animation:
Lonely Bones by Rosto (France, the Netherlands)
“For the engrossing, immersive, dreamlike experience”
The 2013 GRAND PRIZE for Best Animated Feature:
Tito on Ice by Max Andersson & Helena Ahonen (Sweden)
“For its’ daring use of the medium”
Honourable Mention:
The Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo) by Alê Abreu (Brazil)
“Because it was full of some of the most beautiful images we’ve ever seen”
Public Prize:
But Milk is Important by Eirik Grønmo Bjørndrn & Anna Mantazaris (Norway)
The 2013 Canadian Film Institute (CFI) Award for Best Canadian Animation is:
Two Weeks – Two Minutes by Judith Poirier (Canada)
Honourable Mentions to:
The Clockmakers (Les Horlogers) by Renaud Hallee (Canada)
Crossing Victoria by Steve Woloshen (Canada)
Best Narrative Short Animation:
Oh Willy… by Emma De Swaef & Mark James Roels (Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
“Because it’s an engaging, enthralling, genuinely emotional film that never resorts to cheap sentimentals”
Best Experimental/ Abstract Animation:
Virtuoso Virtual by Thomas Stellmach & Maja Oschmann (Germany)
“Because it’s a classic idea, but done in a contemporary way”
Walt Disney Award for Best Graduation Animation:
But Milk is Important by Eirik Grønmo Bjørndrn & Anna Mantazaris (Norway)
“For its’ a very human story, and a problem that most of us can recognize and relate to”
Honourable Mention to:
Youkosobokudesu Selection ‘Na Ni Nu Ne No No’ by Manabu Himeda (Japan)
Best Undergraduate Animation:
Rollin’ Safari by Kyra Buschor, Constantin Paeplow & Anna Habermehl (Germany)
“For its’ strength of the short format gags, which makes you want to see more”
Best High School Animation:
Abduction Milk Cow by Shin Hye Kim, Woo Sol Lee & Hyun Ji Yoon (South Korea)
“Because it’s a fun, risk-taking, ambitious undertaking”
Best Animation School Showreel:
TAMA ART University
Best Canadian Student Animation:
Wind & Tree by Konstantin Steshenko (Canada) from Emily Carr University
Honourable Mention to:
Blackout by Sharron Mirsky (Canada) from Concordia University
Best Promotional Animation:
50e Anniversaire de la Cinémathèque Québécoise by Diane Obomsawin (Canada)
“Because it addresses the subject of history very well, in a simple, fun, and understandable way”
Best Music Video:
Stuck in the Sound ‘Let’s Go’ by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin (France)
“For its’ irony and unexpected twists”
Best TV Animation for Adults:
Archer ‘Coyote Lovely’ by Bryan Fordney  (USA)
“Because it’s entertaining, edgy, politically incorrect”
Best Short Animation for Children:
Written By A Kid ‘La Munkya’ by Roque Ballesteros
“Because it’s happy and creative”
Honourable Mentions to:
Tome Of the Unknown by Patrick McHale (USA)
The Little Blonde Boy With a White Sheep (Le petit blond avec le mouton blanc) by Eloi Henriod
Best TV Animation for Children:
Regular Show ‘A Bunch of Full Grown Geese by JG Quintel (USA)
“Because it’s unpredictable, cool, and hilariously weird!”
Honourable Mentions to:
Adventure Time ‘A Glitch Is A Glitch’ by David OReilly (USA)
SpongeBob SquarePants ‘It’s A SpongeBob Christmas!’ by Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh (USA)

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  1. I wish I could have gone to the whole festival, Fan R! It was great to watch all of the work these talented individuals created. It was a lot of fun!


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