Amazing Clubs Canada: Gift of the Month Clubs Review and Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide ~ CAN 12/15

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The Amazing Clubs Canada is a gift of the month club where you can register to receive every 3, 6, 12 months or seasonally a selection of delicious or amazing gifts. They offer 22 variety of clubs for every taste, budget, and family member:

At first, I honestly did not know which one to choose for my review, since they all seemed awesome. I actually looked at all of them before making my decision. The Necktie Club would be ideal for my husband, where he could receive a 100% silk and designer tie. I debated on the Chocolate Club option, so I could get a selection of gourmet chocolates, from delicious truffles and pralines to melt-in-your-mouth caramels and creams, all made with natural ingredients and shipped from specialty chocolate makers. I also loved the Teddy Bear Club as they ship you every month an adorable, soft, and cuddly teddy bear all dressed up in a seasonal theme. I ended up selecting the Breakfast Club, since my entire family would enjoy from the gourmet products we would receive and bake an awesome Sunday breakfast.


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In the box, was included for the Breakfast Club:

  1. Brown Family Farm Blueberry Mix
  2. Farm Fresh Strawberry Syrup
  3. Boulder Granola Original Mix
  4. Sleepless in Seattle Coffee Viennese with Cinnamon
  5. Newsletter sharing each product of the month with a Recipe


Brown Family Farm Blueberry Pancakes

Brown Family Farm Blueberry Pancakes


I prepared blueberry pancakes and served them with the Strawberry Syrup.  I could have also made waffles with this mix. My teenage son was not too pleased with me serving him this meal for breakfast as he is not found of blueberries. I hand him over his plate and went to prepare more pancakes. As I head back to the kitchen table with one more plate for my daughter, I see that he ate half of his pancake already and he mentions, “They are delicious, could you please pass the syrup again?” I have to admit that coming from a packaged product, I was extremely surprised of the scrumptious flavour and quality of the Brown’s Family Farm  100 % natural ingredients.


Vanilla Yogurt with Boulder Granola Mix

Vanilla Yogurt with Boulder Granola Mix


On the side, I served the Boulder Granola Mix with vanilla yogurt, a definite delight to the taste buds. This original flavour mix is 100% organic and made with nuts, seeds, and oats. The Sleepless in Seattle Coffee is made with a premium blend of Arabica beans and was refreshingly tasty.

The Amazing Clubs is also an awesome idea to give this holiday season to your parents, grand-parents, kids, friends, or that special someone in your life that has everything! I was anxious to see which products I would receive and can imagine whomever I would give this membership would be as excited.  It’s always pleasant to open a gift and not know what the surprise is this month.  As a member you also get:

  • FREE SHIPPING every month
  • Personalized gift announcement
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free Monthly Newsletter
  • Unique selections of products that you won’t find in local markets or national stores

To find out more on the Amazing Clubs Canada, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products to sample. All opinions are honest and my own.




Enter to win a 3-month membership to the

Amazing Clubs Canada Gift of the Month Clubs

with the exception of the Beer and Wine Club memberships

(The value of the prize ranges from $89.85 to $119.85 before applicable taxes)


Rules: Open to Canadian residents 18 +. You have 48  hours to reply by email once you are notified as the winner. If you don’t, we will draw another entry. Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. The Ottawa Mommy Club is not responsible for prize fulfillment and for the delivery/shipment of the prize(s) mentioned above. For our complete set of rules, please click here.


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  1. Erin W says:

    The hot sauce club is in the top 5, my hubs would love that one!

  2. Darwin says:

    I think the jerky club would be 1 of the top 5 clubs. It would be on my list for sure.

  3. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    Chocolate Club – yum!

  4. Dreena says:

    The Wine Club is in their Top 5 Clubs.

  5. Haylie Langwald says:

    The wine club, yes please!

  6. Jasen H says:

    The Hot Sauce Club is in the top 5 clubs

  7. Karine says:

    the wine club πŸ™‚

  8. Saima says:

    No surprise at all that the CHOCOLATE club is in the top 5! This sounds like so much fun! I’d have a hard time choosing between the cheese, chocolate and breakfast clubs πŸ™‚ This would be great to try out!

  9. Sambogi says:

    Variety Club – perfect for someone like me who can’t decide!

  10. Suzanne G says:

    The Chocolate Club is one of the top five and sounds delicious to me.

  11. angela m says:

    Chocolate Club is one of the top 5

  12. Glogirl says:

    The Hot Sauce Club is one of the top 5.

  13. Brenda Penton says:

    The Chocolate Club is one of the top 5.

  14. Belinda McNabb says:

    The Wine Club is one of the top 5

  15. Lynn M says:

    The Wine club is my favorite!

  16. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    Jam and jelly club would be on my list.

  17. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I have a weakness for chocolate and apparently so do many others as it is in the top 5. My hubby would love the beer club, and both chocolate and beer are in the top 5. Imagine that.

  18. Jonnie says:

    The Chocolate Club is in the top 5 on the website and is in the top 1 in my books!

  19. Rebby says:

    The wine club…sounds awesome!!

  20. tanyab79 says:

    Chocolate club stood out to me but the variety and beer one second lol

  21. Lynn M says:

    Wine Club is still the best

  22. Nicole B says:

    Chocolate club

  23. Leah Lucas says:

    The Beer Club

  24. nicolthepickle says:

    The Beer club is one of the top five…. NICE!

  25. Andrew P says:

    Beer of the Month Club

  26. Karla Sceviour says:

    The Chocolate Club..yum!!

  27. Rick F says:

    Beer of the Month Club

  28. Lynn M says:

    Wine Club,thanks!

  29. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    wine club without a doubt

  30. Sunshine G says:

    The chocolate club is one of the top 5 – no wonder!

  31. l p says:

    chocolate club. thanks

  32. Fan R says:

    The Beer of the Month Club

  33. Andrea Amy says:

    The Beer of the Month is in the top 5.

  34. Angela Mitchell says:

    The Wine Club is one of the top 5.

  35. Heidi C. says:

    The Chocolate Club – of course!

  36. Piroska says:

    Chocolate of the month club is in the top 5.

  37. Shannon Mark says:


  38. Rhonda W G. says:

    Wine club…YES!!!

  39. Cynthia Joncas says:

    Candle Club

  40. Jennifer says:

    The chocolate club is a top 5 club and would definitely make everyone in my house happy!

  41. Silvia D says:

    Variety Club would be perfect

  42. Carol M says:

    The Chocolate club.

  43. Neat! MMM the chocolate and hot sauce club!

  44. Tara Jensen says:

    beer of the month club, for the man! πŸ˜‰

  45. Charity says:

    beer of the month πŸ™‚

  46. Elaine G says:

    The Wine Club is in the top 5

  47. Mims W says:

    The Hot Sauce Club is on the top 5!

  48. Beer of the month club!

  49. May says:

    The Chocolate Club!

  50. Pam says:

    No surprise – chocolate club is in the top 5!

  51. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    The wine club

    • anthony says:

      Amazingclubs is not for everyone. I purchased as a gift for my very busy daughter in Toronto. The wine club… I thought she might enjoy some wine delivered after a busy week.
      The wine cannnot be delivered with a signature so this means my daughter came home to a note then had to trek to a depot to carry her wine home. Just a fact… poor thinking on my part.
      To make matters worse the actual quality is suspect, since an LCBO carries the same wine for $16.95 (varified).
      That is a an amazing 90%++ mark up to customers.
      So my daughter was inconvenienced the the turn around to depot and I was charged a virtual 100% bounty!!! AMAZING!!!!!

      • Lyne says:

        Good to know about the Wine Club and needing a signature at delivery. Well I presume the extra fee is for shipping, them getting the wine, and normally the convenience of not having to go to LCBO yourself?

  52. Juliee Fitze says:

    Chocolate Club sounds really yummy to me

  53. Carol says:

    Coffee of the Month club would be such a treat

  54. MaryJane Gruenfeld says:

    Variety club would be my choice

  55. natasha severson says:

    chocolate all the way!!

  56. maria says:

    chocolate club

  57. Michelle B says:

    The Chocolate club!!

  58. l p says:

    variety club. thanks

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