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I have been using cloth diapers for more than four months now and while at first I will admit, I was very nervous and hesitant to try them out, I can say now that I wouldn’t think twice about it for Baby #2 (if there ever is one). In just four months, I’ve learned so much about which styles I like, which ones in my stash I go to as a last resort and what makes a good, leak-proof diaper in general.

DSCN0559For those new to cloth diapering, it has come a long way since your mother used cloth diapers. I remember when I told my parents I would be cloth diapering my baby they were so excited, they went out to Babies R Us and bought me a package or two of flat diapers. That’s when I explained to them there was a whole new generation of cloth diapers including:

Prefolds are like smaller versions of the old fashioned flat diapers so they are not as bulky and are a bit easier to use. You can fasten them with Snappis which remind me of the fastener for a tensor bandage, as opposed to safety pins. I didn’t have much luck with prefolds and I now I know I would never buy them again – but I know many people who love them – especially for a newborn. These need a diaper cover.

Pocket Diapers have become me and my husband’s favourite type of diaper. They are easy to use, wash smoothly and dry quickly. The diaper has a waterproof cover, usually made from polyurethane laminate (PUL) and the “envelope” or “pocket” is usually lined with fleece which helps wick away moisture. You just stick an insert in the pocket, and away you go. Inserts can be made from different types of fabric, like microfiber (which are good for pulling away moisture), bamboo (which is able to hold up to three times its weight in water) and hemp (also very absorbent), among many others.

All In Ones (AIOs) are the closest to disposable diapers as you can get. The outer waterproof cover and the inner absorbent material are sewn together, so you basically just Velcro or snap it on and go. These are great to have around for babysitters or grandparents although they do take a bit longer to dry.

Fitted Diapers are also quite easy to use and very similar to disposables as well except that you need to add a cover to it. You can also add boosters to increase their absorbency. I’ve had really good luck with fitted diapers, especially overnight.

It took me a few tries to discover what would work for overnight that would leave Nina dry until the morning. You may think that all diapers should be fine overnight, and I don’t know what disposables are like after 12 hours of sleep but I know when Nina started to sleep that long – without waking up (halleluiah!) – we would wake up almost every morning to leaks. I had to figure out a system for overnight, and fast, or else I’d be stuck washing her sheets every day! The threat of having to do more laundry? Well, that’s enough to put a step in my feet and figure this out.

What I found works best is using a bamboo-based diaper, in particular, the Bummis Easy Fit which is like an All in One (AIO) and a pocket diaper in one. The insert is attached to the diaper so you essentially just tuck it into the pocket. Then I add a hemp insert on top and we’re set to go. I found a hemp insert with microfleece on one side so that I can put that against Nina’s skin and she will stay dry. I use other styles too, like a bamboo fitted diaper with a fleece cover, and this works pretty well too. While she doesn’t wake up wet, everything sort of has a musty smell. After airing things out for a few hours though everything is back to normal.

My favourite part about cloth diapers are all the different types out there and how adorable they are. When my husband and I first purchased our original stash of diapers, we tried a few different brands to see what worked best. Then when we discovered which ones we liked best, we stocked up on those specific ones. Now I’m starting to realize that while there are so many great companies out there that make wonderful cloth diapers, there are also a growing number of Working At Home Moms (WAHMs) that also make high quality diapers.

I really love cloth diapering because it is more affordable than disposable diapers, it is better for the environment, and I’m not going to lie…they are just so cute!


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    I love cloth used it when my kids were growing up in the 80s

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