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The Little Live Pets Bird Cage Review

My kids love animals! They like seeing them, and love interacting with them any chance they get. My other half and I would love to have a pet in our home as our next family member, but our younger children are not ready for having a pet just yet. This is why I was so happy to have the chance to review the Little Live Pets Bird Cage! This way, they can see what it would be like to have a live animal in the house.

When our Little Live Pet arrived, I had to open it as soon as it came. My kids were so excited to see which Little Live Pet we would be reviewing. Little Live Pets has an assortment of birds and butterflies for kids to interact with, so I thought that they would enjoy any one of the “pets” we were sent. I was really happy to see that we received a bird because my family loves looking outside our windows to see all of the birds visiting our home.

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage ReviewPin

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage Review

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage is a lot like a bird cage you would have for a real bird. This set comes with a bird, an instruction manual, and a bird cage. I love how there is a loop at the top of the cage so you can carry it around easier and potentially place it on a hook so the cage can hang if you do not want to have it sit on a surface. I also liked that there were multiple foot settings so your bird can sit on different places on the perch, or have a second bird share the cage for more birdie fun (a second bird is separate, and we only received one). The “shredded paper” at the bottom of the cage made me smile, as it looked so real at first.

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The Little Live Pets Bird Cage Features

The feature of this cage that I did not like was that the food in the cage could be taken out. I know that children under five should not be playing with this toy, but this piece could also become lost if a child decides to remove it and forgets where they placed it, making it fair game for younger children to pick up and play with.

The Little Live Pets Bird Cage ReviewPin

The instructions for our Little Live Pet were really great. They were easy to follow, and it did not take long at all for us to help our children learn how to play with their new friend. The best feature of our new pet was getting it to “speak.” Once we learned how to make our bird to repeat what we say, our kids wanted to have it parrot them over and over for hours! We also taught our kids to be gentle with our bird, so it would not break or shake it. They actually like holding and stroking the head and back of our bird and they like caring for it. My other half even has playing with our bird, and laughed at all of the things our bird said back to him.


Overall, my family loves having our Little Live Pet as a new addition to our family. It is a great toy to get our little ones ready for having an animal friend as a member of our family. It was easy to learn how to use, and there is no mess or allergy concern, which is an added plus to our home. Our bird is really a member our family now and we may have to get a second so our new friend will not get lonely, and so little ones will have more than one to play with!


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You can connect with Little Live Pets through their website or on Facebook to find out more about this company. It would be a great gift idea for your family for any time of the year as well! I hope that if you do decide to get a Little Live Pet for your family, that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Disclaimer: I was compensated with a product from Little Live Pets in order to write this review.  The opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. I’ve been looking at these little birds and butterflies and thinking my girls would love one! I think after your review and seeing how much interaction is available with the bird, I’d rather one of them. Thanks for the review and the contest!

  2. If I won I;d be gifting this to my niece. She’s not really into bugs, even the pretty ones like butterflies, but I know she’d love the bird and bird cage because her grandpa has a bird that she loves to visit, so she’d have one just like him!!

  3. My daughter would love the BUTTERFLY STARTER PACK. She absolutely loves Butterflies so this would be awesome. Thanks for the chance

  4. I think these are brilliant and I’m sure one of my grandchildren would be thrilled to get one of these for Christmas. I think the Little Live Pets™ Butterfly House
    Item no: #28005 would be preferred but who knows with kids eh?

  5. The bird for sure — we’re bird brains but they can be overwhelming for the wee one so we tend to keep the real bird locked up in a different room to prevent accidents – it would be great to have a non real birdy

  6. The Bird cage with bird is such a great gift for little kids! I might just get this for my niece! I know she would LOVE it since she loves animals as well.

  7. One of my daughters would really love the butterfly house set, but the other one would love the bird cage set. The latter is the harder one for me to buy for, so I would love to gift the bird cage set to her.

  8. Little live bird cage with the green bird because it looks like his Nana’s bird. Would love to win this for my little guy. He saw them in the store the other day and decided he wants (needs lol) one.

  9. Little Live Pet Bird Age any color!! My daughter has fallen in love with these birds and has requested one from Santa. Would love to win one for her and make her Christmas merry!


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