A review of Rearz Cloth Diapers

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Rearz is based in Southwestern Ontario and makes both infant and adult cloth diapers.

The French Velour fitted diaper is seriously one of the softest diaper I have ever felt. I imagine it must be very comfortable for Nina to wear. I was given a Size 1 which fits from 6 to 22 lbs so she is at the very end of this diaper’s range but it doesn’t seem that tight on her. Since the Size 1 is supposed to fit a newborn baby, it has the ability to snap down at the front centre to allow space for the umbilical cord, which is very nice. 

This diaper is very absorbent with eight layers of trim organic cotton. You close the diaper with snaps but interestingly, it uses a V-snap system that allows you to adjust the leg and waist openings at the same time. Because of this feature I was a bit scared that there’d be leaks or blowouts but I have not experienced either issue! This is a great diaper that soaks up a lot of moisture although I would add a booster for naptime. Personally, I would not suggest the French Velour fitted diaper for overnight use, however, I know from experience that the Rearz Smitten diapers are awesome overnight with one extra booster. 

The Rearz Couture Cover is a traditional PUL cover that closes with Velcro tabs which are pretty secure. I loved that it featured double leg gussets to keep any moisture from escaping. Also, the trim is very soft and light and did not leave any red marks on Nina like I’ve noticed with many other types of covers. I tried this cover at night-time with the Rearz Smitten diaper I mentioned above and it worked great. No wet pyjamas in the morning! 

Their prices are quite reasonable and their customer service is very good. Check them out at www.nhdcanada.com.


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