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A Pawsitively Warm Winter for Your Feline Friend!

February is the month of love. Love can extend to more than just the people in your lives; it can also be shown towards the pets in your lives like your fine feline friends. Unfortunately, around this time of the year, the Ontario SPCA has reported that close to one-fifth of cats were returned to their shelters after the holidays in 2013, so not all of our furry friends are feeling the love at this time of year. If you do have a cat at home, it is up to owners to show their cats some extra love and care to make their cats feel at home, especially during the winter.

Since we are in the height of winter, there are some things you can do to make your cat feel the love at this time of the year:

Tinkering with toys
Cats love to play. They love searching around their surroundings, and they love hunting and pouncing on moving objects. They need to have stimulation to stay occupied and happy. Have areas set up around your home that are play zones for your cat. Set up a scratching post and combine it with a toy like a squeaking mouse or a ball of string so your cat can play and be entertained and stimulated. Just keep in mind that these toys are safe for your cat to play with, and cannot be swallowed or destroyed by your cat.

Satisfy their stomachs
Make sure your furry friends have a healthy and balanced diet. You can talk to your veterinarian to see how to help keep your cat on track in this department. Depending on their age and health, cats have different dietary needs, and it is up to their owners to make sure that they are getting what they need to be healthy and stay healthy. In most cases, feed your cats quality food and fresh, clean water. Milk should not be the only fluid cats receive to stay hydrated. It can actually cause some stomach irritability.

Comfort is key
Who does not like being comfortable? Cats like being clean, and having a clean and comfortable living space is important to their health and well-being. Make sure that your cat has a draft-free place to sleep, and a thick and cozy cat bed to sleep on. Do not forget about the litter box! Try Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ Complete Odour Sealing Cat Litter. It is the only litter that creates a firm seal around what cats leave behind and the smell disappears with the special odour eliminators and Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda. Also, distance your cat’s litter boxes away from where your cat eats. This will encourage your cat to learn proper practices around your home.


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Outdoor winter warnings
Some cats like to wander outside in the winter, so pet owners should be mindful about what may seem appealing to them at this time of the year and how to keep them safe. Since the weather is cold, some cats adventuring outdoors may want to find a warm place to rest. Check your vehicle hood to make sure that cats are not hanging out in there to seek warmth before you turn on the engine. This could prevent cats from becoming injured or killed by the fan belt.

Another way to keep your cat safe while it is outside is to keep it away from ethylene glycol. It is a chemical found in products such as antifreeze and brake fluids, and can cause injury or death to your cat if consumed. Animals are attracted to this chemical because it tastes sweet. Try to clean up any mess due to spills from this substance, and throw away anything coming into contact with it.

These are just some of the many ways you can show you cat a bit more love this winter. Cats love to feel loved, so snuggle up with your cat and keep it warm, comfortable and safe!

If you would like more tips and information on taking care of your pets, visit OntarioSPCA.ca.

How do you show the love to your feline friend?

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    • Thank you, Kathy! I think that pets should feel as though they are included in a family and should be treated with a lot of love and care.

      • you are so right Lian,and this time of the year with so many homeless animals and litters unwanted its a good time for people who can manage it to donate to their local shelter or animal rescue group,every Toonie helps or even an hour of your time makes a big difference.

  1. It is really sad that one-fifth of cats were returned to their shelters after the holidays in 2013. I did not know that.


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