A Night of Fun Under the Stars With The Odyssey Theatre ~ Review

| August 21, 2014 | 9 Comments

I know that summer days are a great time to make plans, but what about summer nights? The Odyssey Theatre is helping to make it easier to have fun once the sun goes down with this season’s production of The Financier (Tucaret)!


The Odyssey Theatre’s vision is to bring international stories that touch on universal themes, and to share them so that they are relevant to their audiences. The Odyssey Theatre uses various forms of storytelling – masks, clown, dance-theatre, bouffon and puppetry – to show us our world through a different and imaginative lens.

Every summer, the Odyssey Theatre’s Theatre under the Stars series is held in Strathcona Park by the shore of the Ottawa River. When I arrived for their evening performance during the week, the sun was going down, and the stage looked so wondrous against the natural beauty of Strathcona Park. It was as though you were a fly on the wall watching all of the action unfolding.

The Financier is a comedy about a man, M. Turcaret, who is an underhanded loan shark and a tax collector whose past deeds are going to catch up to him. It is a play where everyone is trying to get the upper-hand on each other, lies are commonplace, and surprises are the order of the day.

While the play was going on, I had to tear my eyes away for just a few seconds to take in just how amazing of a seat I had in the bleachers! As the sun gave way to the moon, the stage began to glow, making the setting even more intimate.


Lucky viewers got a VIP view of the play from this cozy table.


 During intermission, I got to see just how lovely Strathcona Park was at this time of day.

Play View Collage

 The Ottawa River looked so peaceful!

Play River Collage

Audience members are also encouraged to take part in the silent auction to help the theatre continue to put on these productions.


Once the play resumed, everyone in the audience became sucked back into the comedic drama. The audience laughed, ooohed and awed at the events happening on the stage. At the end of the night, we all applauded the cast and the crew for a fantastic performance.

I loved this play! It took a few minutes to get a feel for each of the main characters, but once I did, it was great! You had to be paying attention to follow all of the twists and the intrigue that was happening in front of you! It was also very funny watching all of the characters trying to get the better of the other ones! The costumes and the masks each character wore were gorgeous! These pieces really added to each of the personalities of each character. It was also great to see just how chaotic the lives of the characters in this play were going to become as you watched the play.

All of the performers were fantastic in The Financier! Andy Massingham was ever so good as M. Turcaret, and Chandel Gambles played an excellent Baroness. My favourite characters had to be Frontin (played by Jesse Buck) and Lisette (played by Alanna Bale)! These two characters had to be the most devious of all of the characters as they were the ones who were in the thick of it all, and were quite funny themselves.

Overall, I would highly recommend planning a trip to Strathcona Park to take in a showing of The Financier! It was a funny and magical experience I will not soon forget! The actors are superb, the costumes are beautiful, and the setting of Strathcona Park is enchanting! You could attend The Financier as part of a Ladies or Gents Night, You could take your teen out for some bonding time, or you could make it a part of a Date Night with your other half! I took a friend of mine, and we had great time!
If you want to connect with the Odyssey Theatre, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+!

I hope that you have as much fun as I did watching the Theatre under the Stars series with the Odyssey Theatre! Happy viewing!

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Sounds like it was a nice evening out. I always love seeing live performances!

  2. Reese Speaks says:

    Hi Judy! It was such a good evening for this performance! I love watching live performaces outdoor, and Strathcona Park was the perfect setting! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    This looks like such a fun night! They have a series called Shakespeare in High Park in Toronto which I love to go to.

  4. Lian says:

    Hi Victoria! It was a very fun night! I have always wanted to attend a Shakespeare in High Park! I never went when I lived there, and I should have taken advantage of it when I lived there. I don’t know if Ottawa has one, but I am a huge Shakespeare fan, and I will be looking into whether it is run here, too!

  5. Tina F says:

    wow this looks like it would have been a full filled entertaining evening YOU cannot beat live entertainment that is for sure ..I have not heard of these beig around Well not in our area at least I have not

  6. DARLENE W says:

    I love going to live theater, I bet I would have enjoyed this

    • Lian says:

      Hi Darlene! Yes, you would have loved this performance! It was funny and witty. It is also great to bring a friend along with you to join in on the fun. I can’t wait to hear about next year’s performance from The Odyssey Theatre’s Theatre Under the Stars series will bring to Strathcona Park.

  7. kathy downey says:

    We love going to live theater,it always makes for a fun night!

  8. kathy downey says:

    I always love seeing live performances actually hoping to make it to Nova Scotia in the fall for a show my sister is part of

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