A New Mom’s Prep List to #AchieveComfort


Moms-to-be have so many things to think about and to get ready before their new bundle of joys grace their world. I have been a new mom three times, and my family made sure we were ready to make each new addition to our family happy and comfortable. Now that one of my best friends is about to welcome her first new baby to her family, we talk about some of the things she will encounter once she enters this new phase of her life. Though she and her husband have what they need for her new baby, I wondered if she had things that would make this new transition a fun a smooth one for her. That is how I came up with the idea to put together a ‘Handy New Mom Prep List’, so she could be ready to care for herself, find comfort and have what she needs when becoming a new mommy.

Diaper bag

Sure, a diaper bag is essential for carrying around items parents need for their baby when on the road, but this item is also a great one for a new mom to have for everything she needs to carry with her while on-the-go with a new baby. The pockets are great for carrying small beauty items you may want to carry with you, like hand cream and a lip balm, and the larger compartments are perfect to hold your wallet, gloves or other items you used your purse for in order to look good and feel comfortable. Some of them even have clips so you can attach your keys to it and no longer have to worry about searching for keys in a pocket. Diaper bags come in so many new colours and styles to reflect your personal style, so it is both for you and for your new baby! Make sure that it has an adjustable strap and some kind of cushioning so you are comfortable while wearing it wherever you go!




K-Y® Lubricant

There are some not-so cheery aspects of being a new mom that do not come up in conversation between people. One of them is vaginal dryness. It is expected and is a normal symptom that most women experience after becoming a new mother, especially those who are breastfeeding. Pregnantwomen and new moms experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes. This condition can lead to lowered self-esteem, lowered confidence levels and becoming frustrated which could affect other areas of your life. Vaginal dryness can also lead to discomfort during sex.

This is why it is good to have a product at hand to replace what your body may not be able to produce on its own to relieve vaginal dryness. K-Y is the intimacy specialist and is the #1 most trusted product by couples and professionals to help relieve vaginal dryness. K-Y Lubricants help to effectively give comfort from vaginal dryness which causes discomfort and soreness when having sex. It helps to enhance intimacy which increases emotional closeness with a partner. K-Y has a range of products with a medicinal heritage.

Hand lotion

It may seem like a frivolous item, but I had to make sure I had a good hand lotion once I was a new mom. My hands were washed and became wet a lot more often than before becoming a mom. Hand washing and cleaning everything in a baby’s way becomes more important than ever to keep you and your baby happy and healthy. I found that it resulted in the skin on my hands becoming dry and cracked because I was constantly washing off the essential oils it needs to replenish itself. This is why I had to make sure I used a hand cream to help keep my hands soft and smooth. Once I found one that did not dry out quickly, I made sure I had it to use whenever I washed my hands. It made a big difference in my level of comfort, and it was one less thing I had to worry about throughout the day.


Oh, how footwear is so important where comfort is concerned for new moms! You’ll want something soft and comfortable to wear while you are in the hospital or at home. I loved having a comfy pair of slippers to wear on my feet to keep my feet warm while caring for my new baby. I loved wearing slippers that covered my whole feet so I did not have to worry about them flipping or sliding off while walking around or carrying my baby. I also made sure my slippers had grips on the bottom to avoid slipping on an unexpected wet or slick spot on the floor. They are also great for when I have a bit of down time. I can just sit or lay down with my feet being snuggled by my slippers. I did not need a throw blanket because my feet were kept warm!




These are some of my favourite items I had on hand that I loved using when I was a new mom! They made my days easier, manageable and more comfortable. I felt good that I could rely on these items to help me be more organized, comfortable and fun! I hope that my bestie enjoys this experience with her baby and that these tips help her and you feel comfortable through “New Mommyhood,” too!

Share with us: What item(s) did you find useful to #AchieveComfort when you were a new mom?

Although this post has been generously sponsored by K-Y®, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect opinions of the K-Y® brand or the Reckitt Benckiser corporation.

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  1. Some very good pointers here. I agree that safe footwear is essential when carrying a baby, it’s far to easy to loose your footing and fall down. It’s also very true that you need a good hand lotion due to the frequency that you wash your hands.


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