5 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Going To See Oprah In Ottawa

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Unless you live under a rock or are really snowed in, you know that Oprah is coming to Ottawa. She’s also hitting some other spots including Hamilton, Ontario. Huge shout out to Hamilton for getting some Oprah action!

I love Oprah-most of the time. I loved her show and for different periods of time, would watch the show religiously. I figured watching Oprah allowed me to check off the ‘yes’ box when asked if I attended regular church services. Heck yes, the Church of Oprah! Then there came a time when I wasn’t watching or taping regularly and I would just tune in and it would almost always be a topic that I ‘needed’ to hear about-not kidding. Just like church…kinda.

I never did go see Oprah in Chicago although I came close several times. I liked the idea of getting ‘weathered’ in as Chicago is known for delayed flights and airplane grounding storms. Deep dish pizza in bed at The Ritz, shopping where Oprah shops and just letting my hair blow in the windy city was enticing. But for some reason it never quite worked out or I just didn’t want to risk the time and expense to end up on a show where the topic would be reminiscent of a polished country song (it is Oprah after all).

If traveling to Oprah it would be my intent to be happy, look great, pack the right colours for television and get a $100 blowout pre airtime to be worthy of the Oprah BP-beautiful people audience. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to waste all that on a show about a mother’s brother’s nephew dating his long-lost sibling that had been given up for adoption and then ran away to join a cult and is now in jail for tax evasion and identity theft or worse. I just wasn’t willing to take the gamble on a sullen topic. Hey, if I want to gamble I’ll go to Vegas which I do when I can.

So, Oprah’s coming to Ottawa and I was all ready for the pre-sale, front of the line and whatever else would ensure good tickets until I saw where she was going to be speaking. I figured the Congress Centre or the NAC and not Scotiabank Place. I have nothing against Scotiabank Place. It’s great for hockey games and concerts and Disney on Ice and more but Oprah? I’m pretty sure she’s gonna chat and take questions and I’m also pretty sure she’s not going to dance, have a fancy interactive stage with fog machines and back up dancers. But this is what you need at a big venue.  Sure, Oprah can light up a stage but with tickets starting at more than $50 and topping out in the upper $300 range, it’s too much space and not enough Oprah.

Upon further investigation I determined that decent seats would be about $160 and so I discussed this with one of my concert and event partners in crime. We talked about value, worth and experience and made a few comparisons to our recent event at a John Edward show. We paid just under $200 to see John but it was in a salon at the Westin and it didn’t seat anywhere near 18,000 plus people. It was one large room with less that 10 percent of the audience that Scotiabank Place holds and we found the venue and value great. We decided that if Oprah played a similar, smaller venue, we would pony up the big bucks.

5 Reasons Why I’m Passing on Oprah in Ottawa:

1./ Tickets are too expensive for the lack of connection in a very non-intimate setting.

2./ I can be closer to Oprah watching her on television.

3./ I’m not sure the silk and taffeta infused gown I was planning to wear, in periwinkle blue of course, will fit or wear well in the rink seats.

4./ I’m almost 99 percent sure I won’t get to ask my question live.

5./ I’m worried about bathroom lines and dealing with above mentioned gown in the stall.

I still love you Oprah. I just don’t want to pay that much to be not close and personal.


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  1. 5 Reasons I Won’t Be Going to See OPRAH Live | Laurel E. Anderson | March 4, 2013
  1. Makes sense to me.. not that I was planning on going. I’d rather spend my money on, well, something more exciting.

  2. Tanya says:

    Just went to see Oprah tonight and it was worth every penny:)

  3. Teresa Claire says:

    Well written and I enjoyed reading this post. I used to watch Opera on television faithfully. I followed Dr. Phil’s show and bought the books. I don’t want to say anything negative about Oprah but I suppose you could say that I no longer ‘follow’ her. It was my daughter’s idea that we should not have cablevision because we never watched TV, we mainly watched movies from our collection or rented from the library. I wouldn’t want to be in the audience but I imagine my sister and Mum would love to attend.

  4. Lesley D. says:

    Those are totally valid reasons (especially the dress), and I completely agree that there will be a lack of intimacy…

  5. kathy downey says:

    I really enjoyed your post,costly I would rather enjoy my money

  6. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    I know what you’re talking about because I won’t pay the crazy fees that, lets face it are “internet scalpers” and then not get anything but seats in the nose bleed section. I want to see and feel the experience !!

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