4 Tips to Manage the Back-To-School Madness! #ReadySetNanö

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The clock is winding down on the time kids have left to enjoy their summer vacation. While wanting to hang on to the last days of fancy-free fun, parents like me have to start thinking about the new school year and the madness it brings along with it. Now that my youngest is about to start his educational journey this September, I believe I have picked up a few tips and tricks over the past few years to help manage the mayhem this time of year can bring. Below are a few tips I have found useful in order to manage the Back-to-School Madness!


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Organization is key

Before I even think about what my kids need for school, I like to organize what my kids already have. This way, I am able to see what items we actually have in their closets, drawers and desks so I am not getting duplicate items. This also saves my family a bit of change in our wallets.

Lists, lists, lists!

I then write out lists of items my kids need so I do not forget what each child needs for school. This can be done in a tech-savvy manner (using an app on a device) or using the cherished standard of pen and paper.


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Shop with plan in mind

To make my shopping trip more convenient, I like doing some research to see when and where the sales are taking place so I can get as much for my hard earned dollars as possible.


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Let kids be a part of the process

Whether it is clothing, school supplies or food needed for lunches, I like to get my kids involved in back-to-school shopping. It saves me from having to return clothing or items that did not fit right or are not their style. It also saves me from having their lunches return home with food they did not want to eat. My younger kids are extremely picky eaters. They are not shy to let us know when they are not happy with something on their plate during meals or with an item placed in their lunch. My other half and I are always on the look-out for healthier options for snack time, whether it is for school or at home. We were happy to find the iÖGO nanö pouches in new delicious flavours and packaging.


omc lunch


They are nutritious, real fruit puree and yogurt mix with a resealable twist. iÖGO nanö is available in four delicious flavours: Apple-Strawberry, Apple-Blueberry, Apple-Peach and a new Apple-Cherry-Beet.

Surprisingly, my son was a little apprehensive to try the iÖGO nanö pouch in their Apple-Strawberry & Yogurt flavour. Once I gave him the pouch and he tested a sip of it, he was in love! He made quick work of his first pouch. He promptly asked for a second one to snack on!

iÖGO nanö is super convenient for my busy family because we are able to dispense it easier from its pouch. The convenience of having the pouch is that the packaging is small and light, allowing for it to fit into a lunch bag with other containers with ease. He also loves that he could easily open the package, sip his snack from the spout and push up the remainder from the pouch. You know what this means: no more spoons to pack and carry to school! He can’t wait to have one of these in his lunches at school and for snacks at home.

When at home, we also try to add some extra flavours and textures to his iÖGO nanö Apple-Strawberry & Yogurt snack. At home, we have him squeeze a bit of this snack on to a spoon and then sprinkle some of his favourite granola or dried cranberries on top for a sweet or crunchy treat.

iÖGO nanö is available in so many different convenient methods for families to eat and enjoy! You are able to find these fabulous options in most supermarkets:

  • 4 x 90g Pouches
  • 8 x 60 g Tubes
  • 6x 60g Cups
  • 6 x 93 ml Drinkable Yogurts.



For a lot of children, the first school bell ushers in the new school year on September 6, 2016. iÖGO nanö wants to start the school year off right by launching their #ReadySetNanö Contest! What’s in it for the winner: 1 of 2 Back-to-School Prize Packs which include the following:

  • $250 VISA Gift Card
  • iÖGO vouchers.

How do you enter for your chance to win one of these amazing prize packs? All you have to do is tweet a photo of your child’s first day of school to be eligible to win! Keep checking the hashtag for more info.

Hopefully, these helpful tips will make managing the back-to-school madness easier for you! They help to reduce the chaos that this time of year can bring. They also get the kids involved, so they can start to switch back into school mode.

What Back-to-School hacks do you use to manage the madness?

Although this post has been generously sponsored by iÖGO, the opinions and language are my own.






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  1. Cassie Fancy says:

    I also include my little ones in all back to school activities and preparation , I find it really helps them transition back with ease

  2. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    Oh lists are my number one key to sanity!

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