4 Books for Family Fun with DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

4 Books for Family Fun with DK Canada Books 

Summer fun can be had in so many different ways. Fun can be an adventure, exploring new features the world is sharing as the season passes along. It can also be through creating items a family can eat or be entertained by. DK Canada asked me to review four books for family fun that can help with learning this summer!

Here are the titles I received to review:


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The garden can be such a fun place to be during the summer. Putting in new plants, harvesting food and watching all of the flowers bloom is a great way for a family to spend a lot of quality time together. What Plant Where would be great to help make time outdoors fun and educational. Learning tool is divided into gardening in the sun, gardening in the shade and plants for seasonal effects so you can have fun in your garden for most of the year.


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What Plant Where also provides readers with a list of plants they can use in their garden at certain times of the year, as well as helping to solve certain gardening issues certain home have.


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A garden is a home to more than plants. It hosts a variety of outdoor neighbours of bugs. Smithsonian Super Bug Encyclopedia can teach families all about the insects and bugs that call the outdoors their home.


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Super Bug gives readers so much information about all different kinds of bugs, and shares information about them in a fun way. We were surprised at how many different species of bugs existed, and how awesome many of their features are.


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Fun can be found in the kitchen as well.  Desserts holds 400 recipes that families can bake, taste and enjoy together.


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Desserts is divided into hot, cold, and frozen desserts that can be made for any occasion. Its illustrated instructions make it easier to follow to create delicious masterpieces. Desserts gave me so many ideas of what we can bake for my younger daughter’s upcoming birthday, for dinner parties and for holiday gatherings.


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Computer learning can also be fun for parents and children to do together. Coding with Scratch Made Easy helps to learn how to use code with the Scratch computer programming system fun.


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Coding with Scratch shows users how to begin creating characters through coding, as well as making their characters talk, walk and add music to make a fun production on the computer. I love that this book also aims to build confidence and understanding of coding for kids, and it includes solutions, a glossary, and gold stars to use when a project has been completed! Since I do not currently know how to code, the projects in this book can be something we do together!


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My family loved all of the titles we received for summer family fun from DK Canada! These books were able to get our family to enjoy summer from both indoors and out! We were also able to have fun while learning about so many different topics. With all of these books, there are so many opportunities to let the learning continue and to keep the family entertained throughout the summer with ease!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.












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  1. Our family fun is usually things like going to the park for a picnic, going to the spray park or just getting together for a BBQ.

  2. We like to go to the lake. We go fishing and canoeing. We also bake, do crafts, puzzles and have family movie nights.

  3. We like to spend time outside going for walks and exploring our 15 acre property.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  4. We go on holidays to visit family in other cities and also just visit the summer activities in our city like farmers markets and parks.

  5. My Sister grows flowers: Petunias, Poppies & 4 O’clocks. Her Husband grows Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peas, Kohl Rabi & Grapes. 🇨🇦

  6. My Sister grows floers: Petunias, Poppies, 4 O’Clocks. Her Husband grows Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peas,
    Kohl Rabbi, Onions & Grapes. 🇨🇦

  7. Our family fun is spending time on the deck in the afternoon enjoying the beauty of the garden and simply the nature

  8. We like to go to festivals, camping, hiking, swimming, cycling, growing our own food, barbecuing, having bon fores and spending time with each other,friends and family.

  9. We spend time at the inlaws cabin! Fishing, swimming and playing board games are always fun when you share these activities with your loved ones.

  10. My kids and I take our dog and go to the lake as often as we can. Sometimes we bring a small gas barbeque and have a picnic there. We like to garden on cooler days and have water fights in the yard which too often have made their way into the house!

  11. For my family we try to go camping as often as we can. This year we weren’t able to so we had a staycation. Lots of trips to our city parks and river valley. Went to a couple nearby beaches. Lots of playing and bike rides. Trips to the library for new books to read to dad. Went swimming lots. Basicly took advantage of Edmonton and in return had a very stress free summer.


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