3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada Books

With Canada 150 upon us, it is a year of celebrating Canada in so many different ways. It can be done in so many different ways, either inside of your home or on adventures across the country. DK Canada has books on numerous topics that help Canadians of all types celebrate Canada in the way they love best.

I was asked to choose three books my family would use to celebrate Canada in our own way. The titles we reviewed were:



3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
Photo Credit: DK Canada; Covers of DK Canada books


Eyewitness Travel Guide: Canada

Canada is such a beautiful country to explore. Now that our kids are more used to travelling longer distances, we want them to discover as much of Canada as possible. Eyewitness Travel Guide: Canada allows travellers to plan their adventures across this amazing nation, whether it is to another part of the province to another part of the country. This title shows readers the best attractions found in Canada’s cities for travellers to explore. This book also shares different aspects of Canada, from its size, vegetation, people, government landscape and geology.


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
Photo Credit: DK Canada; Cover of Eyewitness Travel Guide – Canada


It was really great how each regions and areas featured in this title shows various different maps. This allows readers to get an idea of what there is to do and see. For each of the attractions, there is also icons that let users know how they can get around to each of these sites, whether it is by car, walking or public transit. So much information is shared about each site featured, it made me start a list of places across Canada I did not know about that I now have visit.


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
Some sites featured in Eyewitness Travel Guide: Canada


Eyewitness Books: Cat

For the Canadian cat lovers, celebrating your favourite animal just became easier with Eyewitness Books: Cat. Readers learn various aspects about wonderful world of felines from cover to cover of this book. By the end of this book, friends of felines will know more about their furry friends than they thought before.


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
Photo Credit: DK Canada; Covers of DK Canada books


My kids are cat lovers and really enjoyed learning about the variety of facts shared in this book. We literally learned about cats from the inside out. They were amazed to find out why cats do what they do, as well as to the purpose of some of their traits and physical attributes. I loved learning about how people have geared and cheer felines throughout history and the role they play in our history. It is great for readers of all ages to crack open and enjoy.


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
Boy reading Eyewitness Books: Cat


Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening – Revised and Updated

Whether you are creating a garden or needing some advice for your green space, Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening – Revised and Updated is the place to look to answer your green thumb questions. With a team of well-respected horticultural experts sharing their tips, this book helps gardeners of all levels be successful in their gardening endeavours.


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
Photo Credit: DK Canada; Cover of Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening – Revised and Updated


There is so much to discover in this book. I was happy that this title was broken down into two main sections: “Creating the Garden” and “Maintaining the Garden,” then divided into subsections so it is easier to build and care for their gardening. My other half and I are really interested in growing succulents and creating a greenhouse so the tips found in this book are helping us to plan and create these spaces in our home.  


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada! #Review #Giveaway
“Using cacti and other succulents” section of Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening


Want to find more titles to help your family celebrate Canada this year?  Visit DK Canada and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages to find out!


3 Ways to Celebrate Canada with DK Canada
DK Canada books


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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I share are my own. 







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  1. I love DK books. Finding beautiful and affordable books that are thrilling for both kids and adults is a difficult task. DK always nails it.

  2. For me that would be the Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening, I’m new to gardening in containers and harsh winters so this would be a great help.

  3. The book, Eyewitness Travel Guide, would help me celebrate Canada as I could read about all the neat, beautiful places in our country that I could visit.

  4. I would love the Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening to help me celebrate Canada. Planting native species would be great.

  5. The book on Canada would definitely get the kids excited about seeing new places. It would be a great way to remember the 150th celebrations.

  6. I would love the Eyewitness Travel Guide about Canada. It would help me celebrate Canada by learning more about the places I’ve never visited.

  7. For me, it would be the canadian encyclopedia of gardening, what better way to celebrate canada than by putting back into it!

  8. Totally the Gardening one…I love my flowers out back but am not always sure where to plant things (I h ave bulbs arriving in the fall…that should be fun lol)(

  9. I am a big fan of gardening so I would love the Canadian Encyclopedia of Gardening. I remember buying my mom a book similar to this for mother’s day one year when I was a kid.


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