3 Small Items to Bring Fun to the Back to School Season ~ Review

The Back to School season brings a small amount of joy to many kids. How to Bring Fun to the Back to School Season? This is something a lot of us do not think about then it comes to this time of the year.  With the right items on hand, fun can be had whenever the family is together. My family was asked to try our three small items to see how much they could help us enjoy the Back to School season. We were curious to see how much fun we would have with them.

3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season 

Below are the three small items my family received to bring fun to the back to school season:

  • Spot It! Classic 
  • Braintopia 
  • FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 
3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season
Spot It! Classic game tin, a FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 camera, and a Braintopia game box.

Spotting the fun with small items

My kids are highly competitive. They don’t like looking for things around our home, but they love searching for small items in games!

Spot It! Classic from Asmodee Canada is a fast-paced game where players go in search of little items on the game cards. This game tests a player’s reflexes to find a similar funny design before the other players do. With various ways to play, there is no shortage to the fun to be had while playing this game! Spot It!

3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season
Spot It! Classic game tin and cards.

Once my kids understood how to play the different versions of the game, they took off flying with it! They were finding the similar designs so quickly and having fun doing it. Some of the images on the cards were cute and made them giggle. It is a great game to play at home after school, in the backyard, to to take on the road to keep the fun going!

A little box of brain power

We like having games to play that seem like fun but are really giving our brains a workout. This way, learning can happen just about anywhere.

Braintopia from Asmodee Canada is a game of observation, quick thinking, and coordination to solve different challenges faster than your opponents. Each challenge you complete gains you a piece of a brain. The first player to gain four brain pieces is the winner. Braintopia is for 2-6 players ages 8+.

3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season
Braintopia game box, playing cards and pieces.

My daughter is a whiz at this game. She was able to figure out which item appeared more on a card than others faster than the rest of us. We love guessing for the tactile cards. It is great to have a game around that will keep us on our toes.

3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season
Hand playing with Braintopia playing cards and pieces.

A small camera that create a lot of fun

Capturing memories of fun times is a fabulous way to for families to reminisce about special days they have had. My kids are shutterbugs and love taking photos whenever they can. This is why I was happy to receive the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 camera for them to use.

This mini camera allows young users to take photos and see their memories instantly. All you have to do is point, shoot, and look at the photo as it develops in front of them.

Instax Mini 9
Boy using the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 camera.

This little camera was a BIG hit with my littles! They learned quickly how to use and capture photos while out and about. They loved that the Instax Mini 9 helped them find the best lighting setting to take great photos. 

Instax Mini 9
FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 canner and photos.

The quality of the images was good once they developed.  They were a little darker than I would have expected, but they captured a lot of what we saw through the view finder of this camera. This mini camera is a new favourite device to use!

FUJIFILM Instax photo in front of scene it just captured.

3 small items, a lot of Back to School fun!

All three of these mini items are bringing a lot of fun to the Back to School season! Speed adds a factor of fun with Spot It! Classic.  Keeping our brains working is easy to do with Braintopia at hand to play. Memories are simple to capture for young photographers with the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 camera. There are so many ways these small items bring our family together to have a lot of fun. We love having them to enjoy either after school or any time we are together!

3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season
3 Small Items to Bring Big Fun to the Back to School Season

Disclaimer: I received products from Serve PR in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. The FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 would definitely bring a lot of fun to my family! My kids are starting to show an interest in taking their own photos, and it’s fun to document their back to school activities as well as the ongoing activities, field trips etc. throughout the year.

  2. The FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 Camera would be our favourite! We love capturing moments together and polaroids are a fun way to create tradtion when getting together as a family.

  3. My daughters would love to have the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9. They always enjoy playing with my camera and want to see the pictures they took.

  4. We would love an Instax camera! The instant print feature is so much fun and the photos can be displayed. Life is busy and I often forget to get our favourite pictures printed.

  5. My daughter would love to have the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 camera for back to school. She has so many school/band trips this year, it would be fantastic to take along.

  6. The FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 would be a blast, my daughter loves photography and would have a great time with this, The Spot it also looks pretty fun 🙂

  7. The camera would be a great way to add fun to my family this fall. It would be a great way to share daily stories and to keep in touch with those away at school.

  8. The Instax® Mini 9 Clear – Limited Edition would be fun for the grandkids with back to school! Would be a great fun camera !

  9. My daughter has been wanting a FUJIFILM Instax Mini since they came out. I know she would have so much fun taking pictures of the family (including our dog) with it.

  10. Instax® SQUARE SQ20 captures the best moment of moving subjects with new functions such as frame grab and timeshift collage as well as the special sequence filter.

  11. I think Braintopia would be a lot of fun for the family , a game we can play together .. my kids are pretty quick ! I bet theyd beat me lol

  12. After reading the specifications and features of the Instax® Mini 9 I feel that this would for sure be the right camera for my daughter to capture all her back to school moments , I think she’d make great use of the selfie feature !!

  13. The Instax® Mini 9 Disney and Pixar Toy Story 4 Instant Camera would be fun to capture memories on for my younger grandchildren.

  14. instax SQUARE SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition This would be awesome to have Its a sleek design based on the jacket of Taylor’s latest album, “reputation.”

  15. OMG! The Instax® Mini 9 Frozen 2 Instant Print Camera would be a total hit in this house! We are all anxiously awaiting the film’s release!

  16. The instax SQUARE SQ20 allows you to enjoy photography and prints with new enhanced features never before seen in the Instax line of Instant cameras.

  17. The Instax® Mini 9 Disney and Pixar Toy Story 4 Instant Camera would be a fun camera for children to capture back to school memories on.

  18. The product I would want to for your my future child to capture fun memories in a Back to School season is Instax mini 9 Iced Blue

  19. I would like to capture my future children with Instax Mini 9 Iced Blue.
    The small activity that I will bring for back to school list is brainitopa

  20. A fun camera like the Instax® Mini 9 Frozen 2 Instant Print Camera would be great for children to capture back to school memories on.

  21. The Instax® Mini LiPlay in Blush Gold would be perfect for one of my grandchildren to capture their back to school memories.


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