3 Books of Discovery with DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

3 Books of Discovery with DK Canada Books

Books have always been a means of escape for my family. We are able to travel to lands near and far by picking a title from our home library. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, DK Canada has made reading for our family a realm of discovery we are enchanted by whenever we flip through their pages. We were asked to review these 3 Books of Discovery from their Back-to-School and their Pop Culture boutiques to get us ready for the fall!

Below are the titles my family received:

  • Smithsonian Geography
  • Smithsonian Ocean
  • The Disney Book




Smithsonian Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia

My kids are always asking me about the world around us, and different countries around the world. There are times that even I do not have the answers to their questions. I am so glad to have Smithsonian Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia to help us out of these tough spots!




This book gives details about the world around us, from each of its four corners to how we as people have impacted it. It also shares what our earth is made up of, natural disasters, causes of weather and seasonal changes and more! I really love how the information is given to readers in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. It feels as though a friend is explaining the information shared on each of this book’s pages.




Smithsonian Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia

The world below the waves is not so much of a mystery with Smithsonian Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia . This book shows readers the magic that lies in our world’s larger bodies of water.




They will learn about the features of each ocean in our world, the wildlife and plant life that live within them, and about the natural phenomena that occur within them. For me, the photographs sharing details of what life is like above and below the oceans were breathtaking and fascinating. They made it easy to want to soak up the information on each page.




The Disney Book

My childhood was filled with so many memories of animated and live-action amazement of Disney. Now that I’m a mom, I have passed on my fandom of this world to my kids. This is why I was excited to receive The Disney Book!




This book gives readers and fans alike a guide through all things Disney, from their live-action and animated films to their theme parks and attractions. My kids love pouring over the pages that showcase films they are familiar with. I love taking in the behind-the-scenes sections of certain movies and the gorgeous couture used in the live-action movie Cinderella (2015)!




My family loved discovering new worlds of both fiction and reality with books from DK Canada! We were able to learn new things about the world around us as well as having access to a magical world that has brought our family years of laughter and joy that we have never had before. These books are fantastic resources that we are fortunate enough to be able to now be able to simply reach out to whenever we need them. We’re really happy to have them as additions to our home library this fall! 


For more details about DK Canada, you can visit their website. You can also connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.






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  1. My kids actually love encyclopedias! As long as there are pictures and brief, easy to understand descriptions, exactly like the books you are offering, than they are eager to learn! Thank you for the chance!

  2. My family loves learning. We enjoy encyclopedia type books. The ocean one looks amazing. we even have the dk book all about dinosaurs !

  3. My family surprisingly hates to read. My brother will read books every once in a while and my mom will steal a book off my shelves but my dad hasn’t read a book in thirty years. I, on the other hand, have bookshelf upon bookshelf filled with hundreds of books. But if I were to choose I’d choose food or historical books help my family learn as they actually read this type of book

  4. Encyclopedias are definitely a fav – even with the existence of google, the feel of a physical book with pictures etc. is irreplaceable and always a big hit!

  5. Anything dinosaur related has my kids interest right now. Wait 5 minutes and it will be something else 😉

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  6. I like the information-type books on specific areas, such as dinosaurs, the solar system, history like castles, and travel books–all nicely illustrated.

  7. I definitely think encyclopedias help us discover the most. It’s filled with all sort information that really captures our various interests.

  8. My son likes fact books – visual Enyclopedias are the best because the pictures entertain and the facts educate. His favourite is a Dinosaur one he got for Christmas.

  9. pop culture books (my little pony, plats vs. zombies, books based on her fav. cartoons) really catch my daughters eye. Books based HEAVILy in fantasy is mine and my sons favorite types of books.

  10. we love all kinds, educational& learning books about science experiments & dinosaurs. place books are amazing to learn from. some search & find books & biographies for my man & i too. of course story books too. Anything with beautiful pictures too! thanks

  11. I love looking through the atlas with my kids and showing them different cultures and spaces around the world. Now that they are a little older, showing them that the world is so vast is amazing!


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