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I was blessed with the arrival of my son this past October. With the birth of my child, also came my birth as a mother. The emotions attached to parenting and being fully responsible for the well-being of my little “Bubby” is overwhelming, to say the very least. I attempted to read as much literature as possible prior to Bubby’s arrival, but the whole pregnancy thing was pretty tough. Between morning sickness and extreme exhaustion, I felt like I spent most of the 9 months sleeping! So, it’s best to start prepping before you are even prego! Ha! If only it were that simple.

Now that I am a mama, I feel like I’m in a constant state of catch up. I try my best to be one step ahead of my little dude, but there is no pause button. He is growing and changing every day and I hope that I am doing what is best for him. Because I am a first-time mama, I have more questions than diaper changes any given day. My little sister beat me to the punch and had a baby girl last year. I must admit that I was so looking forward to being able to reach out to my little sis knowing she would be an amazing resource with all of my questions and concerns. However, she’s busy parenting a toddler on top of trying to balance life now that is she back to work. So, I feel guilty bothering her with my seemingly small concerns. I have many friends who have recently joined the Mama Club who would make great companions for a good ol’ game of 21 questions, however, my husband and I are currently residing in Kingston for a short term, so they are all far away. Sure, there’s email/Skype/phone, but I struggle to squeeze in time to take a shower some days! There is no time for such frivolous extras!

I expect my worry wart-ness will shine through in many of my posts. It is nice to share concerns with other parents. If nothing else, I find solace in the fact that there are others who are experiencing the very same worries. I have learned to manage my constant state of worry with each day of parenting experience. I feel as though I am slowly gaining confidence in my abilities to parent as well as developing trust in Bubby’s innate ability to thrive. I also take advantage of my weekly trip to the library to pick up some story books to read to Bubby to also grab some reading material for myself on various parenting topics. However, given the time constraints associated with being a new parent, I have become the master of skimming and scanning. (Who has time to read anymore?) Regardless, I am certain the literature is helping in the confidence department.

However, I have discovered one secret weapon to which I have grown quite attached. It is always by my side. It is my second baby. It is…my smartphone. I have come to rely quite heavily on this device. It began with labour. As I was experiencing contractions, I used a contraction timer app that I found online. As soon as Bubby arrived, I began using the Evernote app to track feedings and output. I still use that app every.single.day. I have another app that provides various baby facts on a daily basis. I also use my smartphone to check the weekly emails that I receive to ensure Bubby is reaching developmental milestones. Now that I am beyond the haze that was the first few months with a newborn, I am slowly discovering that it turns out people do not want to talk baby 24-7. In an effort to maintain other adult relationships in my life (including relationship with hubs), I try to suppress my natural instincts to discuss all that is my sweet little boy and throw in a few courteous, “How are you doing?” occasionally. Thankfully I have discovered such amazing resources as Twitter and facebook where I can reach out to other mamas who willingly talk shop non stop. There are a few blogs that I follow where I enjoy the musings of other first-time mamas. And my Pinterest app? T-rouble! I think I may need to have at least a dozen children so that I may decorate all the nurseries that I love!

Technology is a huge part of parenting today. I could not imagine life without these great resources. Sure there are books, but there simply isn’t enough time to read…as any parent knows.

Are you a 21st century parent? What is your favourite app?

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By: Amy Jewitt is a 30-something first-time mother navigating the world of modern parenting with a nod to old school tips and tricks. She and her husband welcomed their son, who they’ve affectionately dubbed, “Bubby” in October 2012. Amy and her husband are teachers temporarily residing in Kingston, ON.

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  1. kathy downey says:

    So happy you have it all figured out

  2. kathy downey says:

    I love the baby photo …cute !

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