2013 Unlucky? Hardly!

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2013Some think 2013 will be unlucky.  Pshaw, I say. We make our own luck and 2013 is bursting with possibility!

As an entrepreneur I believe we have the ability to create our own opportunities. We can do so by reaching out to others, keeping an open mind, hard work and following our passions. Not just in business, but also in life. As a Mother of three, I try to regularly convey that message to my children.  We collectively speculate over cheerios what the day might bring and I often hear myself saying to my children, “you can have whatever kind of day you decide you want to have”, something my mother used to say to me.

At the start of each day we have a completely clean slate and what the day holds is up to us.  To borrow from Ms. Stacey, of Anne of Green Gables, with “imagination and determination” anything is possible. We are a pretty cheery crew and most times we make the choice to have a great day.  We welcome adventure and opportunities to learn.  We laugh in the face of fear!! Ha! HA!

Armed with this knowledge, empowered by possibility, and being willing to use some elbow grease there are no real problems only opportunities.  Each and everyday has the potential to bring forth something exciting, wonderful and new.


But not all days are created equal. Some days are amazing!! Top drawer – red letter days! The days we land a fantastic new client or achieve a long sought after milestone.

Other days are more-straight forward, not so exciting, but not horrible either. It is important on those days to acknowledge the status quo and celebrate that we have avoided crisis and averted unnecessary drama.  This too is success. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

And there will always be not so great days, (down right awful, cry a river days) which are filled with challenges at every turn.  You know the kind of day I mean. The one when you are running late and you hit every single red light, or when you have a meeting with a potential new client and are on the way out the door and discover sticky finger prints have been added to your best power suit, or when it is -40 and your near and dear has failed to fill the gas tank in the minivan and your gas light comes on… these days too serve a purpose.  They give us perspective and a way to measure and compare our progress and successes.

So 2013 is well underway. Black cats crossing paths be damned! What kind of year are you planning on having? Over in this corner we have decided it is going to be great!Evil Eye

Ever enthused,

Shauna Rae

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  1. I think that is a wonderful lesson to teach your children.. that they are ultimately responsible for their own happiness!

    and we are planning the same kind of year- a great one!

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