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The Easiest Breakfast your Kids will Love with Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate!

| May 17, 2013 | 11 Comments


I purchase Philadelphia cream cheese at least twice a month to prepare my favourite nacho dip and to eat with a bagel. When I went grocery shopping last week to purchase it, I noticed that Kraft Philadelphia came out with a new spread: the Chocolate Philly. It must be good, since I went to purchase it yesterday, and the shelves were already empty! I asked a clerk to see if they had any in the back storage, but he couldn’t find any. Thus, I decided to stop by another store  to find out that it only had the bigger size available, and I grabbed it. Really popular, I see!

No need to look up recipes, just spread Chocolate Philly on your favourite type of bread, toast, bagel, or tortilla for a delectable breakfast. This morning, I made a toasted bagel with the spread and added a few pieces of a sliced banana on the top for my son. For my breakfast, I applied Chocolate Philly on a tortilla with smooth peanut butter for an added energy and protein booster, and took some fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries and dipped them in the spread. It is really yummy, not too sweet, just perfect.  No wonder the stores are selling it like hot cakes!

phillyThe spread is deliciously made with pure milk chocolate and with the dairy goodness of Philly cream cheese. One tablespoon has 50 calories, 3.5g of Fat, 10mg of Cholesterol, 45mg of Sodium, 4g or Sugar, and 1g of Protein. Now, that’s half the sugar and calories per 1 tbsp serving of other similar products!

As of May 21st, a Chocolate Philly coupon will be available to download from the Philly Cream Cheese Facebook page.  Hurry up to take advantage of the limited time coupon!

On their Facebook page, I also noticed that Chocolate Philly created a very interesting challenge for your partner/loved ones that will benefit you tremendously: the Breakfast in Bed with Chocolate Philly “Likes” Challenge. It’s an effective way to convince them to serve you breakfast in bed by using the power of social media and some friendly peer pressure. You work hard every day by preparing meals, doing domestic chores, and/or helping the kids with their homework, so why not show you some TLC by serving you breakfast in bed!


You have to get your friends to convince your partner/loved ones to serve you breakfast in bed with these 3 quick and easy steps:

1. On your Facebook status write something like: “If I get 20 likes, [tag your partner/loved ones here or put the name(s)] is/are serving me Chocolate Philly in bed. I really deserve it!  Please help me out. Thanks.”
2. Get 20 likes
3. That’s it ~ Get Chocolate Philly breakfast in bed

Your friends and family members will rally behind you. He/they will feel the pressure, and breakfast in bed with Chocolate Philly will be yours!

Nice, a time just for me to enjoy my morning herbal tea, orange juice, toasted bagel with Chocolate Philly and fresh fruits. I don’t have to get up to prepare breakfast for my family. I would also ask for my tablet/laptop to read the latest news, and maybe have my hubby shut the bedroom door and stay for a while……Oh yes, the kids… Oh well, go prepare them breakfast too!


Don’t forget to take a photo of  that special someone bringing you breakfast in bed and to submit it to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada Facebook page. You should also post it on your page to show that the mission has been accomplished. Good luck!

I will write the request on my Facebook status this weekend. I would love to know if you will participate, or participated and got Breakfast in bed, so please leave a comment below!

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I have not purchased this yet but I am going to do my food shopping today and I am going to pick it up…easy, nutritious and I trust Kraft products.

  2. Candace says:

    Smart combining it with peanut butter. That must be delicious!

  3. Looks delicious! I would have it with strawberries!!

  4. Mmmm….I’ll have to try it out with peanut butter – what a GREAT idea!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love that little bowl with side dip compartment! brilliant! Peanut butter and chocolate is a perfect combo!

  6. Those are all the ways I would eat it. Yum. And what a cool contest, it will help lots of lucky ladies score breakfast in bed!

  7. Beth Gallinger says:

    Philadelphia chocolate cream cheese is delicious! It turns bagels into chocolate cheesecake! I love the idea of adding bananas.

  8. kathy downey says:

    I’ll have to try it out with peanut butter,sounds delicious

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