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#Ottawa is My Strolling City with the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller #Giveaway #3DliteStrollerTour ~CAN/US 07/13

| June 18, 2014 | 217 Comments

Now that the snow is gone, the flowers are blooming, and the temperature is way above freezing in Ottawa, it is a great time to get outside with your family and enjoy the warm weather. One way to get your family out and about is by going for a walk and seeing just how great of a city it is! I was able to get my kids out and about with the help of the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller.


 The Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller is lightweight yet it is also durable. It also has a stylish aluminum frame. For a stroller that is one of the lightest of its type, it comes packed with a lot of features that make using it, well convenient!

I love the 5-point harness system, so that your child is more secure while riding in this stroller, and that the clip holding the harness together is covered, so it is out of sight, out of mind for your child.  I also love the high handle bars.  This feature allows me to push the stroller with more ease and control so I am not hunched over or repositioning myself to maneuver the stroller. the convenience of having a storage basket and pocket on this stroller. Finally, the storage basket and back pocket made carrying my purse easier, and I could pop my cell phone and other small items in the pocket and reach for items whenever I wanted to take a picture while on this walk.

Stroller Feature Collage

 I am not sure whether my kids were more excited than I was to take the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller out on its maiden voyage. Since my son is the youngest of my three children, he got the privilege of getting to ride in the stroller first. Since my eldest daughter had a P. A. Day, I decided to surprise my kids by taking all of them to one of our favourite places: the bakery! It is a bit of a walk to get there, but with the gorgeous weather we were having, we had to get out and enjoy it!

The Glebe, one of communities of Ottawa where we live, is full of beautiful older homes and newer builds, as well as schools and parks for people to see and enjoy. We took one of our favourite paths to get there, and my son loved being in the stroller for this ride!


He’s a big bigger than the average one and a half year-old, but this stroller allowed him to area he needed so it did not look as though we squished him into the seat. He also did not fuss with the 5-point harness as I thought he would. He was a snug and content for our 20 minute trek.

While we were enjoying our snacks on one of the many benches on the main street of the Glebe, my younger daughter had to have her try in the new stroller! She fell in love with it, and was testing the sun visor for us while playing Peek-A-Boo!

Glebe CollageI had to try the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller out on another popular pathway in our area. This time, we took to the walkways along one of Ottawa’s favourite attractions all year round, the Rideau Canal. We were on a pathway that runs parallel to it on the Queen Elizabeth Drive side of the Canal, since it was easier and safer for all three children to walk and stroll in the strollers while taking in the beauty of our surroundings.


We stopped at one of my favourite places in my neighbourhood – Brown’s Inlet. It is an area that was created for some aquatic life to live, as well as for travelers along the Rideau Canal to stop, take a breather, and feast on the natural beauty of the area. I wheeled the stroller close to the water so the kids can see the show that literally came out of nowhere by the ducks, tadpoles and fish that live here. We were here for about 20 minutes just watching and enjoying view.


After we left to Brown’s Inlet, we continued down the path along the Rideau Canal until we stopped at the “Share The Flame” Monument, another pit stop that I frequent whenever I bike along the Canal. It is also a monument commemorating the Olympic torch run of 1988. My younger daughter decided she wanted to visit with the tulips planted here, as well as to try out the stroller from my point of view. It is so light that she had no problem handling it at her age.


We finally made it to our last stop along the Canal. It was a park! It is an amazing area where there are play structures, swings, baseball diamonds, a basketball court, a wade pool during the summer, as well as some green space for kids and parents alike to run around and have fun! My kids had a lot of fun here and the stroller easy to maneuver though the sand and grass.


It was getting late, so we left the park, starting our journey home. When we got home, I was glad that the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller was so light and simple to fold, and carrying it up the steps of my porch with the shoulder strap was a lot easier with my little guy than to make two trips to accomplish the same task.

Strap Pic

The Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller is a fabulous to maneuver, whether we were dealing with the hustle and bustle of the city streets in the Glebe, or the calm, and sometimes hilly pathways along the Rideau Canal. It is light weight, and it has a lot of amazing features that make traveling around Ottawa easy and more relaxing for you and you little one.

I hope that my strolling tour around Ottawa with the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller gave you some ideas as to where you and your family could spend some time outdoors on a walking tour around the nation’s capital. You should also give the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller a try so you can see just how fantastic this stroller really is!

You can also see the Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller while it is on the Summer 3D™ lite Stroller Tour here in Ottawa on Wednesday June 18, 2014! The Stroller Tour will tour North America as it makes its way through 12 cities in the United States and Canada with 12 blogs featured in total, including the Ottawa Mommy Club. You can stay updated to the tour by clicking HERE!

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I received a stroller as compensation, as well as to use in order to review this product.  All of my views are honest and are solely my own.

SI-Treasure Hunt_flyer_map_CITY2



You can to win one of two strollers on the Summer Infant Facebook Fan Page throughout the entire promotion!


Summer 3D™ lite Convenience Stroller Giveaway!

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