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My Family’s Taste of the Sun with #SunRype900mL Packs of Juices and a #Giveaway!

| October 27, 2014 | 69 Comments

Besides milk and water, my family loves to drink orange juice. We go through jugs and jugs of orange juice almost daily, and it is hard to sway them to try anything new because they are so finicky with what they eat and drink. If we had more of a variety of juices they enjoyed in our home, we would not have to go to the store so often to buy an alternate to milk and water. This is why I was happy that SunRype has come out with new flavours in their 900 mL packs! Since my kids have never tried any juices from SunRype, I thought I would have them try something to add to our family’s healthy drink choices.

SunRype Logo

Since 1946, SunRype has been bringing Canadians 100% pure apple juice out of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Since then, SunRype has grown to offer consumers with more drink options, as well as healthy snack choices so they can enjoy what they eat and know that it is good for them.

SunRype’s slim 900 mL pack includes some exciting new flavours so that families can choose which one will best fit their family’s needs. Here are some of SunRype’s new juice options in their 900 mL pack size:
• Mango and Pineapple 100% Juices
• Fruit Plus Veggie juices
• FruitActiv juices with extra healthy benefits
• 50 calorie Frullo juices

Along with the new juice options SunRype is introducing, the slim 900 mL pack is designed to make it easier to store in your fridge, as well as to handle and pour. SunRype has also changed the cap on 900 mL packs so that it is easier to open (no more plastic tab to remove), and it is resealable to keep the juice inside fresher for your family to enjoy.

My family tasted three juices from SunRype. These juices were the new Mango in SunRype’s 100% juice option, the Okanagan Select Ambrosia Apple Blend, and their Apple Orange Peach Juice. What I like about SunRype is that they are concerned with the quality of the products they are producing and providing to their consumers. All of their juices contain no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. This allows us to feel more confident in knowing that our family is drinking a great product that is looking out for their well-being. We also like to give our family great tasting foods and juices that will help fuel us throughout the day since our kids are so active.

SunRype Group Shot

 I thought I would start my kids off with a juice they have already tasted before. Apple juice. SunRype’s Okanagan Select Ambrosia Apple Blend to be exact. After my kids took a few sips, my eldest daughter told me that she was able to notice the difference between the Ambrosia Blend juice and the normal apple juice we usually drink. She said that Ambrosia Blend was lighter and sweeter than what she is used to drinking. She was also able to notice the difference in taste from the first day the apple juice was opened to tasting it a few days later. For her, she said that our normal apple juice did not taste as good a few days after it was opened, but the Ambrosia Blend still tasted the same each time she drank it. The Ambrosia Blend was also a favourite of my other half. He also loved the sweet and light flavor of this juice, and he has been taking a few of the packs to enjoy at work.

Apple Juice Collage

 I was really curious about SunRype’s new Mango 100% juice. I am a lover of orange juice, but I wanted to try something different. I loved this juice! I love eating mangoes, so to have this juice option was a great change. It is sweet, and light as well. I was expecting it to be thicker, and taste a bit more like syrup. For me, the best time of the day drink the mango juice was with my breakfast. I tend to have a light breakfast since I eat smaller meals throughout the day, and it was a great way to get my mornings started. Since it looked a lot like orange juice, my younger daughter kept sneaking sips from my glass. It is not her favourite juice, but she likes it!

Mango Collage

 My favourite juice out of all of the juices I tried had to be SunRype’s Apple Orange Peach Juice. I was wrong about this juice, too! I was not sure how this juice was going to taste because of the blend of fruits used to make it. Again, I was expecting a heavier, overpowering sweet flavor. Boy, was I wrong! It was so light, and the flavour was so unexpected! The fruits blended really well together. I liked drinking this juice any time of the day! I especially liked it with our “Breakfast for Dinner” meal. It went so well with my omelet (my other half had to have the Ambrosia Blend with his meal).

AOP Collage

Overall, my family enjoyed SunRype’s new 900 mL packs of juices. They were light, sweet without being over-bearing, and since they were made without any additives or preservatives, it is a healthier choice for my family to enjoy. For more product information, or for recipes to make smoothies and other fun and healthy snacks, you can visit their website here to see what SunRype has to offer! You can also check SunRype out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Giveaway Time!

SunRype want to give one lucky reader the chance to win one (1) case of 12 SunRype 900 mL juices! All you have to is click on the link below to enter!

SunRype 900 mL Juice Giveaway

Good luck to you all!


Disclosure: I am a part of the PTPA Ambassador Program with SunRpye and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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    We love Apple Juice!

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    I’d love to try the Mango, I love that taste, delicious. My son would probably like to try something else, he’s a big fruit juice drinker 🙂

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    I would like to try the Pineapple Juice.

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    I grew up with SunRype apple juice and nectar. The nectar was super thick juice, likely full of fibre! My Grandma always had it in her fridge. More recently my favourite is the pineapple juice. Great for adding pizazz to my kid’s mocktails, and I like to use it to mix with my own cocktails once in a while.

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    My kids love apple juice!

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    I’d love to try SunRype’s new Mango 100% juice.

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    Apple Orange Peach sounds really good! I have a bottle of Sunrype coconut water with mango in the fridge that is super good too!

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  49. The apple orange peach was my favourite too – and light is the perfect way to describe how these taste, I loved that they didn’t have that syrupy-ness I was expecting 🙂

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    Apple is always a big hit

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