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Eating Your Greens and a Meatless Recipe

| August 29, 2014 | 15 Comments

I’m always stressing the importance of eating more veggies to my clients. Instead of thinking of dieting or taking foods out, why not focus on adding good foods in? With enough adding of the good stuff, you eventually crowd out the bad stuff.

Working up to four cups of greens daily is a great goal to work towards.  Sounds crazy? Try adding a cup of greens to your morning smoothie (try spinach and pear if you’re a newbie – it’s delicious!), two cups of salad greens at lunch and a cup at dinner time. Focus on eating a variety of vegetables each day.  Have your veggies be the highlight and superstar of each meal instead of a side. It’s much easier this time of year with the farmer’s markets and the fresh, local, yummy produce. Check out what $20 at the Parkdale Market will get you…


Isn’t it beautiful?  It was super delicious too!

Here’s a recipe that I put together on a meatless evening.



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Sarah is a Certified Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist, Group Fitness Instructor and Mother of 2. She is the creator of the Prenatal and Postnatal Strength Workout DVD (available at as well as co-created the Elemental Workout®. Sarah owns Continuum Fitness and Movement Performance with her husband, John (, a personal training studio in Westboro, Ottawa offering one on one coaching as well as group classes. Sarah is a former international fitness competitor and has been a nationally ranked race walker.

Comments (15)

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Greens are unfortunately something that I have to hide in food, the family is just too picky to eat them otherwise 🙁 But I agree that we should be focusing on adding more healthy food to our menu and less of the bad.

  2. jaimeem says:

    I love market shopping. Local and fresh!

  3. Lee-Ann says:

    we love our greens here – my daughter isn’t big on meat – so this is fabulous!

  4. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for sharing,we loves greens

  5. Eldon L says:

    Thanks, I got to try this recipe!

  6. Sharlene says:

    That’s a lot of food for $20! And the recipe looks delicious.

  7. Suzie M says:

    We love fresh greens cooked not so much

  8. Justin Thiboutot says:

    Love Swiss chard!! Especially when purchased from the Farmers Market – excellent selection.

  9. Victoria Ess says:

    Sounds delicious!!

  10. kathy downey says:

    I just got to try this recipe!

  11. Heidi C. says:

    This sounds delicious! I love the addition of pine nuts.

  12. Debbie White Beattie says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Recently I saw a tip that suggested massaging kale before adding it to a recipe. This makes it tender and not so bitter. The recipe suggested used sea salt and coconut water, but the chef said sea salt and whatever liquid you might be using should do the same job. Anyway it really works, the kale tastes so much better. I hope this helps everyone’s recipes taste better and remember to take the spine out of the leaf as well.

  13. kathy downey says:

    Finally got around to trying this and its delish.thanks

  14. kathy downey says:

    We are having this for lunch today,going to try the grandkids with it

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